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Salford manufactures moldboard plows for every size operation. The 4200 series of plows ranges from three to seven bottoms to provide exceptional primary tillage as well as residue and waste incorporation. The 4200 series is also used as the trailing plow for Salford's 8200 Tandem Flex-Trail moldboard plows.

Every Salford plow uses durable frames with eight-inch by eight-inch main beams that are built to last. The industry-leading under-frame and fore-aft clearance means your Salford plow is almost impossible to plug, keeping you in the driver’s seat to cover more acres per hour. With the choice of Salford IH style, or European Style S8 bottoms, you can match bottoms to your soil conditions and choose to incorporate more residue, or pull Salford plows more easily.

Salford has made several improvements to its overall plow shank that were released in the fall of 2013. Salford’s new plow shanks are a more durable design, and more than half of the grease fittings on the machine have been replaced by high-wear bushings for faster, easier maintenance. Also, a re-engineered trip mechanism gives Salford’s new plow shank increased trip pressure helping to hold the shank in hard ground. The new trip geometry has improved re-entry force after the shank has tripped.


Standard Features

  • • Hydraulic Steering
    • Manual Adjustable Plowing widths 14” - 16” - 18” - 20” (Please specify factory cut setting at time of order)
    • Over 35” of Under-Frame Clearance
    • Fore-aft Clearance - 40”
    • 20” Rippled Spring Loaded Coulters
    • Auto Reset Shanks / Adjustable trip pressure - 2200lbs - 4000lbs (with optional 3rd spring)
    (3rd spring only required for extreme conditions)
    • Cat. II, Cat.III Narrow, or Cat. III Wide Hitch Pins (Please specify when ordering)
    • Main Frame 8” x 8” Tubular Steel
    • Draw Frame 8” x 8” Tubular Steel
    • Factory assembled with all cylinders & hoses installed
    • In-Furrow Tail Wheel (15 x 19.5 Lug Tire)
    • Gauge Wheel (11L x 15 Implement Tire) (*Gauge Wheel not included on model 4203)


  • Coverboards

  • Auto reset 3rd spring assist

Plow Bottoms

  • European S8, Salford JD style or Salford IH style

  • Salford JD Style



4200 Moldboard Plow
Model # of Furrows Approx. Weight H.P. Required
4203 3 3,700 lbs 90-120
4204 4 4,950 lbs 120-160
4205 5 6,200 lbs 150-200
4206 6 7,200 lbs 180-240
4207 7 8,700 lbs 210-280