the shattertine®

Why Buy an AerWay?                                                                                       With its' many years of experience and AerWays' Multi-Function Design, it has given AerWay the ability to meet the changing and varying cropping demands throughout North America and beyond! 

AerWay models range from approximately 41 inches to 50 feet cultivation width. Depending on size, they come in 3 Point or Pull Type Configuration. Rigid Frames are available as well as folding units. Of course only AerWay gives you different tine options to better fit your cultivation or aeration need. 

Our Markets include- Conservation Tillage, Min-Till, Manure Management, Hay and Pasture, Orchards & Vineyards, as well as Horticultural Aeration. 

AerWay now has over 600 active Agricultural Dealers plus 24 Manufacturers Representatives throughout North America to service regional needs. Our Family of AerWay Owners includes Cash Crop Grain Farmers, Dairy Farmers, Livestock Producers, Ranchers, Horse Farms, Estates and Race Courses, as well as Vineyard and Orchard Growers. 

The patented AerWay Shattertines lift and fracture tough soil to increase air and water movement. As the AerWay moves over the surface, the unique angles of the AerWay Shattertines crack and shatter compacted soil 8" and deeper to open new channels for air and water. Plants respond with stronger roots and better yields. Plus you'll see improved fertilizer utilization, reduced runoff, and greater soil moisture consistency. See for yourself why thousands of producers agree- there's nothing else like the AerWay

The unique angles and offsets of the Shattertine crack and shatter the compacted soil. The results are improved soil air/water balance, increased microbial activity, and better fertilizer usage. Using the Shattertine ensures deep compaction relief while the unique shattering action produces the foundation for outstanding growth. 

The leaf tine

Built to last. Designed to work                                                                   The Leaf Tine is an 8-inch agricultural tine developed and patented by AerWay for Manure and Vertical Tillage applications. 

The leading and trailing edges of the tine are convex curved surfaces are beveled for maximum effect. The tine design creates less surface disturbance as it enters the ground when the swing angle of the roller is set at zero degrees. As swing angle is introduced, the Leaf Tine creates significantly more soil disturbance when compared to conventional tines. This higher level of disturbance creates a larger cavity of shattered soil. This increase in size is estimated at 14% 

As well, the curved shape of the tine always has point contact with the ground and requires less force to actually enter the ground when compared to conventional tines. 

The Leaf Tine is 6% heavier than the existing Shattertine. 


The Leaf Tine was specifically developed for farmers that want a higher degree of soil movement in their vertical tillage applications.