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AerWay’s Advanced Aeration Systems offer you low cost, low maintenance, long lasting options for turf aeration.

Regular treatment with AerWay® can turn your soil around:

  • Compaction relieved

  • Improved soil conditions

  • Positive plant response

Selecting an AerWay is like designing your own aerator. Simply choose your frame style, select the appropriate tine, and add the options for your application.



Electric/Hydraulic Power Pac

  • Can be added to any AerWay pull-type frame for use with power units not equipped with remote hydraulic outlets

  • Operated with a switch from operator’s seat to raise or lower the transport wheels

Tine Options

  • Shattertine® lifts and fractures tough soil to increase air, water, and nutrient movement on roughs, fairways, tees and sports fields.

  • Sportstine® is a 6-inch long, heavy-duty venting aeration tine for sports fields, fairways, tees and approaches.

  • Finetine® relieves surface compaction and penetrates up to 6 inches on greens, tees, approaches, and fine turf.

  • Coring Tine® is used for dethatching and to prepare the soil for topdressing and overseeding on fairways and sports fields where coring cultivation is desired.

  • Super Finetine® is designed to be used as a thatch management tool on greens, tees, approaches, and fine turf.


Greens Express Smoothing Roller

  • Lift roller completely off the ground to leave aeration holes open

  • Or adjust tine penetration in less than one-inch increments

  • Or support the tined roller completely out of the ground for use exclusively as a smoothing roller

  • Ensures that an artificial barrier to water percolation will not develop

Adjustable Roller Feature

  • Offset rollers of the Shattertine® equipped units for renovation purposes by changing two bolts on the out-board end of each roller.

  • Manual unit has three positions of offset: 0, 2.5, and 5 degrees.

Liquid Ballast Tank

  • Standard on all AerWay® units

  • Provides an easy and effective way to ballast the AerWay® for complete ground penetration

  • Comes complete with straps and evacuation spout.

  • Ballast tank should always be completely filled

Tank Length     Total Ballast
47"                     650 lbs.
62"                     860 lbs.
77"                     1,040 lbs.
92"                     1,250 lbs.



3-Point Hitch
Model HP Required Weight (approx.)
45" 15-22 HP 977 lbs.
60" 20-33 HP 1143 lbs.
75" 25-35 HP 1223 lbs.
90" 30-40 HP 1298 lbs.
Hydraulic Tag-Along
Model HP Required Weight (approx.)
45" 18-25 HP 1194 lbs.
60" 25-35 HP 1437 lbs.
75" 30-40 HP 1587 lbs.
90" 35-50 HP 1753 lbs.