Fertilizer Application & Nutrient Management Equipment

Discover why the Salford line of application equipment is unparalleled in the industry.

Fertilizer & Lime Spreaders
Industry-leading performance in Salford BBI spreaders for fertilizer and lime application.


Valmar 9620 Pull-Type Fertilizer Spreader
The new AirFlo 9620 multi-hopper is the leader in air boom delivery with a span of 70' wide. 


The PathFinder is a steerable undercarriage designed to carry dry fertilizer tanks for strip-till and row crop application. 
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Litter Spreaders
BBI Endurance litter spreaders are designed to deliver a variety of organic materials.


Valmar 8600 Pull-Type Fertilizer Spreader
Designed to meet the needs of large commercial operations, the Airflo 8600 is a high-capacity, pull-type spreader that delivers the highest rates of application currently available in a commercial spreader. 
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Cover Crop, Herbicide, Insecticides & Inoculants
Salford's Valmar tried and tested granular applicators excel at accurately applying a wide range of products.

Rock, Sand & Salt Spreaders
The BBI Rockbody and BBI SideShooter have a specialty conveyor system for corrosive applications.


PathFinder ST-10
The new PathFinder ST-10 is a 10 ton steerable undercarriage engineered with advanced product metering for ISOBUS compatible control of up to 4 air delivery sections.
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Forage Preservatives
Maximize the nutrient value and palatability of your hay.