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BBI Endurance is the industry leader in cost-in-use, the ultimate measure of efficiency in the field. Also available in a traditional, mechanical version powered by ground-wheel-drive. Unrivaled power, performance, and precision in targeted delivery of organic nutrients. Spread litter, manure, shavings, beet lime, and much more.

Endurance is the definition of excellence among litter spreaders on the market today, the standard-bearer for more than a decade. Built with Salford’s spinner system, Endurance achieves the same level of precision with heavier, wetter organic material normally achieved with the dry artificial stuff.

When we designed Endurance, we had chicken litter in mind, but the uses quickly spread to meet the needs of farmers around North America and the world. Now, our customers use Endurance for manure, shavings, lime, humalfa, sand organics, wood chips, mulch, humate, compost—pretty much any flowable material.

Endurance is an option-rich line, available in pull-type and truck-mount versions. We have multiple hopper designs ranging from 10–26 feet to match any possible need in the field. Our walking beam suspension can handle just about any terrain.

You can count on Endurance to help you achieve drastic reductions in material and fuel waste, while increasing your yield. Endurance—like all Salford hydraulic spreaders—is optimized for precision agriculture. Our proprietary Binary Manifold connector and ISOBUS-ready platform make in-the-field links to all major technology suppliers a snap.




  • Litter, manure, and other organic materials

  • Designed to be toughest, most durable applicator on the market

  • Optimized for precision agriculture

  • Fuel and time to apply reduced by 50 percent


  • Hydraulic drive

  • Walking beam suspension handles almost any terrain

  • Flotation tires minimize soil compaction

  • Bolt-down hopper




AC 4000 FIVE Tank Cart - Tow Behind
Model Capacity (bu)* Trans. Height Trans. Width
AC4785-TBT 785 21'9" (6.63 m) 14'4" (4.37 m)
AC4945-TBT 945 21'9" (6.63 m) 14'4" (4.37 m)
AC 4000L Three Dry Tanks with 4000 Gal (15141.65 L) Liquid Cart - Tow Behind
Model Capacity (bu)* Liquid Capacity Trans. Height Trans. Width
AC4425L-TBT 425 4000 Gal (15141.65 L) 21'9" (6.63 m) 14'4" (4.37 m)
AC4505L-TBT 505 4000 Gal (15141.65 L) 21'9" (6.63 m) 14'4" (4.37 m)