MagnaSpread3 Truck Mount

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Magnaspread3 truck mount

With BBI's patented multi-bin technology, the MagnaSpread3 Truck-Mount features three hoppers guided by independent variable-rate technology. MagnaSpread3 offers the most sophisticated multi-nutrient application on the market. 

Electrostatic Paint - Carbon until is totally primed with rust-inhibiting alkyd primer and then top-coated with high gloss enamel. Stainless unit includes all mild carbon steel parts primed and painted. Color options include red, blue, yellow, black or green. Some custom colors are available.

Spinners - MagnaSpread system standard. Overhead spinner motors are also standard.

Electronic Control - The Tee jet CL250 is included in the list price. The CL250 provides straight rate control with guidance.

BBI Binary TM Hydraulic Manifold System -Combines the hydraulic controls for the conveyors and spinners and conveyor. Pilot operated relief is standard. A dump valve and a GR is standard for the conveyor. The modularity of the BBI Binary Manifold allows for quick easy conversion to GR option and electronic control. 

MagnaSpread3 Truck Mount closeup

Product Specifications

BBI - MagnaSpread3 - chassis-mount / Hydraulic / Three - Hopper

  • (4518) = 45 Degree Sides, 18" Conveyor

  • (TTH) = Triad Truck-Mount, Hydraulic Conveyor

  • (T-304) 304 Stainless, (T-409) 409 Stainless

Body Options

Patented Three Hopper with INDEPENDENT Variable Rate. Capacity: Main Hopper is 210 cu ft Struck, Hoppers 2 is 84 cu ft Struck, Hopper 3 is 84 cu ft Struck.

MagnaSpread3 hopper technical diagram