Salford Launches Highly Anticipated Tillage Tool

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Known for its Residue Tillage Specialist (RTS), Salford Farm Machinery Ltd. is taking residue management to the next level with the new RTS XT (Residue Tillage Specialist Extreme). Unveiled at this year’s National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY, the XT is already drawing the attention of growers across North America and around the world.

“The needs of North American growers are always evolving, and farm machinery needs to keep up with increasingly sophisticated operations” says Salford General Manager Geof Gray. “We designed the RTS XT to be flexible enough to perform in any soil conditions and with any residue challenge, and to do so with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.”

The most aggressive vertical tillage tool on the market, the RTS XT combines individually mounted, shallow concave discs with coil-tech coulters designed for high speed and low maintenance, letting growers cover more acres faster.

“Rows of shallow concave discs, backed up by the coil-tech coulters, provide excellent residue management and is durable enough to handle today’s hardier and more abundant crop residues like BT and trait stacked corn,” says Gray. “That combination of precision and strength is what really sets the XT apart.”

The machine operates in high moisture conditions and can be used in both spring and fall to incorporate cover crops, warm soil, prepare seed beds, manage and incorporate residue, chop stalks ahead of primary tillage and release excess soil moisture. The XT also enables growers to incorporate fertilizer, manure or herbicide in one pass.

Growers can see the new XT up close and talk to Salford experts, including Gray and the Salford sales team, at the upcoming Machinery Show.

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