Salford’s Hobson Takes On North Louisiana Ag Expo

Salford Group Pathfinder

Southwest territory manager Brian Hobson is back in the saddle, taking multiple Salford Group machines to January’s North Louisiana Ag Expo.

Held annually at West Monroe’s Ike Hamilton Expo Center, this year’s expo runs from January 15-16. The North Louisiana Ag Expo draws more than 10,000 attendees from Louisiana, south Arkansas, east Texas, and Mississippi. The event updates the southern farming community on the latest advances in technology and science, factors that drive efficiencies in growing, harvesting, and marketing all types of commodities.

Representing Salford Group at this year’s event is Mississippi native Brian Hobson, territory sales manager for the region. In his role, Hobson supports dealers in this multi-state region as they match farmers with the right equipment to drive next-level economic performance in their operations.

From his post in booths D1-2, Hobson will showcase multiple machines from Salford Group’s tillage, commodity cart, spreader, and seeder lines.  Making its Louisiana debut, Salford’s PathFinder is a steerable undercarriage designed to carry aftermarket dry and liquid fertilizer tanks for strip-till and row crop application. The PathFinder, designed to fit many aftermarket tank types, was created with the Valmar Airflo line of application products in mind.

From the Valmar lineup of precision application equipment, Hobson will feature a 2455 implement-mount granular applicator for both seeding and herbicide/insecticide use. 55 series applicators from Valmar achieve industry-leading precision through ground-wheel drive metering that ensures an accurate application rate, regardless of ground speed.

Also on display at the North Louisiana Ag Expo is the I-5100 from Salford’s Independent Series for true vertical tillage. Building on the company’s patented design, the I-5100 is the line’s first full primary tillage machine. With blades spaced at five inches in four rows, on the longest tillage frame in the Independent series, the I-5100 brings exceptional residue flow. The high-clearance individual blade mounts make this unit almost impossible to plug.

From the BBI family of precision broadcast applicators, Hobson will feature Javelin, from the company’s Producer Series for large-acreage farming operations. Javelin is the first hydraulic spreader on the North American market to achieve a true spread pattern and drive interval of 120 feet. Optimized for mid-season top-dress applications with special tires to minimize soil compaction, Javelin features the largest capacity of any single-axle spreader on the market. Javelin’s axle adjusts from 90 to 120-inch track widths to meet different row spading needs.