Salford Group Sales Team Moves On to London Farm Show


March is here, and the winter trade show season sees the Salford Group head to Ontario for eastern Canada’s largest indoor spring event in agriculture, the London Farm Show.

Held annually in London’s Western Fair District, the 2016 London Farm Show will run from March 2-4. Thousands of producers from across eastern Canada will enjoy seeing the benefits of equipment, technology, and services from more than 370 exhibitors over 290,000 square feet.

The Salford Group team at the London Farm Show will include Henk Klyn, territory sales manager for Ontario, Sales Support for North America Jim Boak, and Sales Manager Fraser Hetherington. The team will operate from booth 730P, providing support to the dealer network and educating producers on the Salford Group story of four product families—Salford, BBI, Valmar, and AerWay—built for soil productivity that makes a difference in the sustainability and profitability of farming operations worldwide.

Making its London Farm Show debut is Salford’s recently launched PathFinder, a steerable undercarriage for transporting dry and liquid fertilizer tanks, for strip-till and row crop application. The PathFinder, designed to fit many aftermarket tank types, and was created with the Valmar Airflo line of application products in mind, including the ST-6 and ST-8 commodity tanks.

Also from Salford comes the I-1500 Strip Till Applicator from the company’s revolutionary Independent Series for true vertical tillage. The I-1500 takes the best of strip till technology and spreads it out over a much deeper frame than conventional strip till machines in order to prevent the tool from plugging with high-volume residue.

Klyn, Boak, and Hetherington are also proud to show the recently launched Valmar Airflo 8600, a high-capacity, pull-type pneumatic fertilizer spreader. The 8600 boasts immense field-covering capabilities, as it features pneumatic booms available up to 66 feet. Also the largest-ever spreader to emerge from the Valmar Airflo line, the 8600 combines mammoth hopper capacity with precision metering delivered by a ground-wheel-drive system that adjusts application rate on-the-go, ensuring uniformity of material spread regardless of ground speed.

Another innovation, with a potentially huge impact for farmers looking to complete tillage and seeding operations in a single pass, is the new three-point hitch system from Valmar. At this year’s London Farm Show, Salford will showcase a Valmar 2455 seeder from the Valmar 55 Series of implement-mount granular applicators. It will be equipped with a new three-point hitch that eliminates the need for complex implement-mount systems, making the 55 series more easily accessible for filling. 

And when it comes to applying granular preservatives, nothing is more accurate or easy to use than Valmar’s 455 Forage Preservative Applicator. This applicator has been extensively researched and field tested to provide you with the most dependable and efficient means of applying preservatives during forage harvesting.

The trio will showcase a pair of precision broadcast applicators from the Salford BBI lineup.  BBI Javelin is the first hydraulic spreader on the North American market to achieve a true spread pattern and drive interval of 120 feet. Representing BBI’s Producer Series aimed at large-acreage farming operations, Javelin is optimized for mid-season top-dress applications with special tires to minimize soil compaction.

Featuring the largest capacity of any single-axle spreader on the market, Javelin adjusts from 90 to 120-inch track widths to meet different row spreading needs. Javelin’s design also conforms to controlled-traffic farming needs.

The 2016 version of BBI Javelin is one of the first spreaders in North America equipped with an advanced spinner system and split-chain conveyor. The combined effect from these design innovations is Section Control—a tool that empowers operators to switch from full swath to spreading only to the left or to the right. Section Control delivers positive economic and environmental benefits for farmers and their land, as they can reduce over-spread via section shut-off.

Also featuring from Salford BBI is Liberty, the company’s original mechanical, ground-wheel drive applicator for fertilizer and lime to feature the Salford BBI spinner system championed by later hydraulic models like MagnaSpread and Endurance. Liberty is a staple on mid-sized farms around the world, empowering operators to next-level economic performance through applicator ownership.

Last but not least, the show team from Salford Group will exhibit an effective tool for advanced aeration on the farm, from the recently acquired AerWay. The 12-foot CCT (Close Coupled Tandem) unit on display at the London Farm Show uses two overlapping tined rollers, with three tines per row, giving farmers more pockets and fractures per acre. 

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