Salford Group unveils New Valmar Applicator Attachments at Canada’s Farm Progress Show

June 15, 2016 (Salford, ON) – Salford Group, a leading manufacturer of fertilizer application equipment, is unveiling two new mounting systems for Valmar 55 series granular at the 2016 Canada’s Farm Progress Show.

The Valmar 55 Series granular applicator is a staple companion to farm implements performing field work in Western Canada.  The 55 Series applicator attaches to other implements and applies seed, granular herbicides or micro nutrients in the same pass.

The first of the two new mounting systems for the 55 series applicator is a tow behind carriage that can quickly be attached to implements that have an existing tow hitch or the option to have one installed.  The second system, more suited for mid-range horse power, is the 3 point mounting platform that is designed to go behind the tractor and tow mid-size implements.  There are two sizes of 3 point mounting platform.  The base 3 point mount is designed to tow implements that require up to 350 horsepower to pull from the drawbar and a high capacity 3 point mount is designed to pull implements that require up to 600 horsepower at the drawbar.

“These new platforms are designed to be more operator friendly, safer and virtually universal,” says Brad Baker, Product Manager for Salford tillage and seeding equipment.  “The existing systems have been mounted on the frame of one implement which meant that you had to fabricate mounts or work with the proprietary OEM designs we maintained to mount your 55 Series applicator.  The new 55 series cart and 3 point mount options give the applicator a degree of separation from the implement frame that makes them easier to fill and calibrate, and safer to work on since they are lower to the ground and you don’t have to climb over the implement’s frame to get to your Valmar.”

Baker described some additional benefits to the new 55 Series mounting systems that farmers would appreciate.  In addition to being easier and safer to use, the new mounting systems allow for simple, organized routing of air hoses.  Quick-connectors for airlines make detaching and re-attaching even easier for farmers.  These configurations will also allow the 55 Series applicators to be used with multiple implements on the farm rather than being fixed on a single piece of equipment. 

The new mounting systems can carry all Valmar models in the 55 Series line, the 1655, 2455 and 3255 applicator.  These units are capable of metering and distributing dry product across implement working widths from 16 to 80 ft and the 55 Series capacities range from of 1400lb to 2700 lb (33 to 60 cu. Ft) depending on the model chosen.

The new 55 Series mounting options come complete with hydraulic and electrical hookups and are compatible with hydraulic drive or ground driven metering.  The applicator itself has a platform for easy access to the hopper and a ladder that folds away while in operation.  The 3 point applicator box also has integrated stands for storage or easy hook up and dismount from the tractor linkage.

The new mounting systems for the 55 Series applicators were engineered at the request of cover crop farmers and fertilizer applicators who want to use the the Valmar 55 Series but found the top-mount to be labor intensive and costly.  Creating a solution to this problem is just another way Salford is staying true to its roots – by listening to the farmer and engineering for their needs.

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