Salford Team heads to Ag in Motion

Salford Tillage

Event: Ag in Motion

Dates: July 19-21, 2016

Location: Prime farming land 15 mins northwest of Saskatoon, SK

Salford Booth Location: #528

AG in Motion

Salford Group Representatives: An all-star team of territory sales managers, customer service managers, and product managers from across the Salford Group galaxy, featuring Glenn Herperger, Doug Achtymichuk, Scott Ousdahl, Fraser Hetherington, Brad Baker, Jason Janzen, Jim Boak, and Russ McEver.

Salford Group Display Machines: Salford Tillage: I-2100, I-4100, I-5100; Salford Seeding: 525, AC4000, 523; Valmar Seeding: 2455, 1665, 3255; Valmar Boom Fertilizer Application: 8611; BBI Broadcast Fertilizer Application: MagnaSpread, Javelin, Liberty; AerWay Aeration Tillage: AWS125

Salford Group Demonstration Machines: Salford 523 plot seeder, Salford I-2100 with SwitchBlade hydraulic shanks.

Why You Should Attend: Ag in Motion is Western Canada’s first outdoor farm expo, situated on 320 acres of prime agricultural land, just 15 minutes northwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In just its second year, the expo will feature live demonstrations of field equipment, crop plots, and interactive agribusiness exhibits. Join our team in booth 528 to learn more about Salford Group’s array of machines built for soil productivity!