Upcoming Ag Shows: Farm Progress 2016

Salford Tillage

Event: Farm Progress

Dates: August 30-September 18th, 2016

Location: Boone, Iowa

Salford Group Representatives: An all-star group of territory managers and customer service managers, including Jason Hinners, David Shearer, Greg Mueller, and Russ McEver, along with Salford Group Marketing Manager Anson Boak.

Salford Booth Location: #234

Farm Progress SHow Logo

Salford Group Display Machines: Salford Independent Series (Tillage): I-5100, I-4200, I-2200, I-4100, I-2100; Salford Planting and Seeding: PathFinder; BBI Broadcast Fertilizer Application: Endurance, MagnaSpread, Javelin, Liberty; Valmar Precision Fertilizer Application: 8600; Valmar Planting and Seeding: 3255, 2455 with three-point hitch, ST-10, ST-8, AerWay Aeration Tillage: AerWay 20.

Salford Group Demonstration Machines: Salford I-5100 for true vertical tillage, Salford I-1200 with Valmar 1655 for tillage and seeding in a single pass.

Why You Should Attend: The Farm Progress Show is the largest outdoor farm show in the United States, held in rotating locations in Iowa and Illinois. This year’s Iowa-based event promises to be bigger and better than ever. With the coming together of Salford, BBI Spreaders, Valmar Airflo, and AerWay, the new Salford Group is showcasing its largest-ever lineup at the 2016 Farm Progress Show. Check out the demonstration fields to see synergy in motion, as the Independent Series’ I-1200 matches up with a Valmar 1655 seeder box and achieves true vertical tillage and seeding in a single pass.