BBI Introduces the TRIAD: The First Spreader with Three Independent Hoppers - EACH with Independent Variable Rate

BBI Introduces TRIADTM   The First and Only Spreader with Three Independent Hoppers that dispense material with INDEPENDENT VARIABLE RATE on the Market Today
CONTACT: Richard Hagler
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(June 07, 2006) Gainesville, GA
After several years of research, development and testing, Barron and Brothers International (BBI) introduces the Triad Spreader System. BBI is Driven to continuously IMPROVE our equipment and make it ready to Plug and Play with the Newest Technology. 
Precision Agriculture at it's BEST!  Prompted by the demands of commercial fertilizer applicators and growers, BBI responded by developing the only spinner spreader system capable of conveying and broadcasting three different granular materials at three independently varying rates while on the go, making true one pass variable rate application possible.
The Triad provides substantial time savings by minimizing trips to the field with more acres spread per day. Reducing the number of trips across the field reduces fuel usage. These costs can be substantial for the larger farms. The chassis may not get more miles per gallon, but more acres per day of application will significantly reduce his fuel charge. With the ability to spread three materials at three independently varying rates, the applicator can more efficiently apply.
No longer is the applicator restricted to go to the field with only a blend. With the Triad, he can take his three materials and spread them at different rates without having to use the expensive air spreader machines. Combined with variable rate controllers, the agronomist can more accurately prescribe three materials without compromising with a blend.

According to Mark Posey, General Manager of AG Equipment USA in Tennessee, the typical air machine can cost almost twice that of a fully equipment BBI Triad Spreader body. In addition, the maintenance costs are significantly higher on the air spreader. The life span of the Triad is potentially 15-20 years far outlasting the air spreader by 4 to 5 times.

Until now applicators had little options when it came to delivering multiple fertilizers and nutrients unless they wanted to make multiple passes. With the Triad they can accomplish the results of the air spreader by applying up to three granular products at different rates.

The Triad features a three hopper design and which effectively blends and, utilizing the BBI Magna Spread™ Technology, can deliver spread swaths up to 80’ depending on the materials. The Triad™ can also be equipped with the exclusive BBI GR System™ for ultra high conveyor speeds without the burden of elevated oil flows and related temperatures.

The rear hoppers are capable of spreading rates as low as 40 lbs. per acre and as high as 250 lbs. per acre. As a result, micro-nutrients can be applied at the prescribed rate for each material.

Utilizing any variable rate controller, an operator is able to adjust and monitor all aspects of the spreader from the cab. Also, operators can maximize efficiency, record keeping, feedback and quality delivery through GPS Speed and Location and Mapping Technology.

According to Richard Hagler, President of Barron and Brothers International, “our intention was to build a tough, durable and versatile fertilizer delivery system that provides commercial fertilizer applicators and growers a viable, efficient and effective solution to nutrient application processes.”

The Triad is going to be on display at various farm equipment shows throughout the South and East over the next six months. Contact Barron and Brothers for show details or for a preview.
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