BBI, S&H Farm Supply Taking MagnaSpread, Endurance to Four State Farm Show

The BBI Spreaders summer road show moves from Wisconsin to Kansas for the 2013 Four State Farm Show.

Four State attendees will convene from July 19-21 on a 300-acre farm near Pittsburg.  The show regularly attracts thousands of farmers and ranchers from Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma to the 25-acre expo site.  Sponsored by the Farm Talk newspaper, the show will feature farm equipment, seed, feed, agri-chemicals, livestock, farm buildings, grain bins, livestock handling equipment, tires, tools, trailers and much more.

BBI is honored to participate in its 16th Four State Farm Show, once again joining one of its great partners in the area, S & H Farm Supply.  A family-owned farm equipment dealer in Missouri farm country, S&H provides first-class products, coupled with stellar customer service, to area farmers from its locations in Lockwood, Mountain Grove, Joplin, and Rogersville.   

McCauley, the company’s Midwest Territory Manager, will be taking two of BBI’s elite spreader models, MagnaSpread and Endurance, to Four State.  MagnaSpread represents BBI’s line of hydraulic granular fertilizer and lime spreaders optimized for precision agriculture with the company’s standard Binary Manifold, with single-axle, tandem-axle, pull-type, and truck-mount options available.  

Also standard-equipped with BBI’s Binary Manifold, Endurance is the company’s first-in-class solution for litter spreading, with pull-type and truck-mount options on offer.  BBI has also optimized Endurance for use with lime shavings and other organics.  Litter spreading is critical to the business models of many four state-area farming operations, as the Missouri/Kansas/Arkansas/Oklahoma region is the intersection of large-acreage farms and large-scale poultry operations.

“We’re expecting a hot show this year,” stated McCauley.  “The summer temperatures are rising, and so is the demand from area farmers for the most sophisticated equipment on the market.  We are always proud to work with S&H Farm Supply, a real institution in the lives of farmers in the four state area, where the bread basket meets chicken country.”