BBI Spreaders Raises The Bar On Advanced Rate Control Systems

CORNELIA, GA. March 17, 2010BBI Spreaders is now including the ultimate solution for automatic rate control and guidance with ISOBUS capability on all BBI MagnaSpread and Endurance series spreaders, assuring enhanced attachment compatibility and precision.

According to BBI, their new Direct Connect solution provides automatic rate control, system alarms, record keeping, acre counters, and load information to accurately disperse field inputs such as litter, lime and fertilizer. The BBI Direct Connect package also drives BBI’s proprietary CenterLine® 250 console.

This integrated system for implement control is designed around the ISO 11783 standard (ISOBUS). The BBI Direct Connect solution allows growers to connect a BBI Spreader to an ISOBUS compatible vehicle and utilize the automatic rate control feature through a virtual terminal interface.

The BBI cab-located CenterLine 250 console is powered by the same ISOBUS ECU and provides automatic rate control features in addition to GPS guidance in a single interface device.  

Isobus is the Standard for Agricultural Electronics

The easy to use GPS guidance feature of the CenterLine 250 is incorporated in the console and has the guidance capability of the popular BBI CenterLine® 220. Guidance features are still available apart from the job computer, allowing modular portability to other implements for pure guidance applications.

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