BBI Team Heads to North American Manure Expo in Missouri

Salford BBI Endurance Litter Spreader

Next week, the BBI Spreaders team heads to the premier trade show for practitioners of organic fertilizing, North American Manure Expo in Springfield, Missouri.

Taking place at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds on July 8-9, the North American Manure Expo traces its origins to the University of Wisconsin and has maintains strong ties with the academic community in agriculture.  Sponsors include agriculture extensions of the University of Arkansas, the University of Missouri, the University of Nebraska, Ohio State University, Oklahoma State University, and Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Wisconsin.

In addition to esteemed leaders from academia, the North American Manure Expo convenes researchers, consultants, government agencies, and highly-intensive livestock producers from the dairy, beef, pork, and poultry industries.  To successfully serve the growing community of farmers who leverage litter and manure for crop fertilization, the Expo location rotates annually.  Since the inaugural expo in 2001 held in Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin, the Expo has been held in Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska.

BBI will be well-represented at the North American Manure Expo, reflecting the company’s commitment to farmers who turn today’s organic waste into tomorrow’s nutrient efficiency.  Richard Hagler, President of BBI Spreaders, and Lee Kilpatrick, the company’s Director of Sales and Marketing, will lead a team that includes Territory Sales Manager for the Southwest and Western United States, Brian Hobson, and Russell McEver, sales manager for after-market parts and precision farming electronics at company headquarters in north Georgia.

The BBI team will showcase multiple versions of Endurance, the industry leader in hydraulic spreaders optimized for powerful, precise, and efficient application of chicken litter, manure, beet lime and a host of other organic nutrient applications.  Option-rich and built with a rugged walking beam suspension to handle any type of terrain challenge, Endurance is available in hopper lengths from 10 to 28 feet and in truck-mount and pull-type versions.

“The North American Manure Expo is a great opportunity for our company to share the story of its commitment to farmers who use litter and manure-based fertilizers to boost the profitability of their operations,” stated Kilpatrick.  “With our Endurance line, the economics of pairing organic waste with equipment that spreads heavier material with power, precision, and efficiency is making sense for more farmers across the country with each passing year.”

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