BBI’s Task Command System: Precision Tools for Sophisticated Producers

New press release out today from BBI headquarters:

Cornelia, GA –BBI Spreaders (BBI), a global leader in sales, design, and manufacturing of spreading equipment introduces the next generation of precision farming software and applications: the Task Command System.

The Task Command System, the second in-house offering in precision agriculture technology from the company’s BBI Electronics division, gives producers a new level of control over every aspect of nutrient and fertilizer distribution.  Engineered specifically to meet the technological and economic needs of today’s farmers, the Task Command System incorporates cutting-edge software tools and applications for managing field navigation, guidance, and automated steering of application equipment. 

The Task Command System manages variable-rate technology and application to ensure proper rates that meet diverse demands agronomists & farmers to optimize yield, time and investment.

“With the Task Command System, we’re putting the power of precision agriculture in the hands of sophisticated farmers,” said Lee Kilpatrick, Director of Sales and Marketing at BBI. “Our mission is to bring the best equipment to the field, coupling it with the latest technology, in order to improve the economics of our customers.”

The Task Command System consists of several applications.  FieldView is a powerful virtual terminal display capable of managing multiple tasks.  TrackLeader is the advanced guidance application. SmartPath is a management application for automated steering. ProSpread is a variable-rate technology ECU for all spreading needs. All of these applications make a powerful suite of products for today’s farmer.

BBI will offer the Task Command System as a stock component on its powerful hydraulic brands. Task Command will also be available from the after-market division for any hydraulic application.  The company’s hydraulic lines include MagnaSpread, a series devoted to precision application of fertilizer and lime, and Endurance, a line dedicated to precision application of organic materials.

“I am so proud of our team for developing this next-level technology for our great customers, who deserve our very best efforts year after year,” stated Kilpatrick.  “With the Task Command System, we continue to achieve lowest cost-in-use in the industry, which directly affects our customers’ bottom lines for the better.”

BBI will formally launch the Task Command System, along with all of its component software and applications, during the Farm Progress Show, Aug. 27-29 in Decatur, Ill.