MagnaSpread Ultra Working in the Fields of North Dakota

Post by Spreader Specialties.

For a little Friday fun, We invite you to take a look at this video shot by Mike Olson, owner of Spreader Specialties, an exclusive dealer of BBI Spreaders based in Austin, Minnesota.  Mike and the fine folks at Spreader Specialties serve the farming community of the Northern Plains region of Minnesota, northern Iowa, and the Dakotas. 

Spreader Specialties is the first dealer to sell the new MagnaSpread Ultra, and this video, shot on a 10,000-plus-acre farm in North Dakota using Olson's GoPro HD camera, shows the delicate touch of this powerful piece of big iron.  The Ultra spreads urea at a rate of 200 pounds per acre, consistently achieving 80-foot swaths at 15 miles per hour!

Video courtesy of Spreader Specialties Facebook Page