Spreader Spotlight: MagnaSpread 3

BBI MagnaSpread3 Multi-Bin Fertilizer Spreader Dry Applicator

At this year’s Farm Progress Show, the biggest agriculture show on the American outdoor circuit, BBI Spreaders wrote the next chapter in its long history of setting the pace of innovation in the dry application space. With the launch of its Producer Series, BBI has announced a new day for large-acreage fertilizer management.

The initial wave of offerings within the Producer Series features three spreaders built on the company’s heritage platform, MagnaSpread, the fertilizer and lime offering that defined BBI as the leader in precision application of dry material for the last decade:  MagnaSpread Ultra, the most powerful dry applicator on the market today, and a pair of multi-hopper offerings, MagnaSpread 2, and MagnaSpread 3.

MagnaSpread 3 is a micro-nutrient precision spreader optimized for large-acreage farms.  MagnaSpread 3 delivers unmatched precision and efficiency for large agriculture operations. The spreader drastically reduces fuel and material waste, delivering better bottom lines through greater yields for top-line revenues and serious expense management from fuel, fertilizer, and sustainability perspectives.

In a single pass, MagnaSpread 3 can deliver to producer-level farms what single-hopper offerings do in two to three passes, saving two to four days of application time for every 1,000 acres fertilized, in addition to hundreds of gallons of fuel per application. What’s the company’s secret to all of this efficiency?  It’s BBI’s patented multi-hopper design that enables three hoppers to operate independently, all controlled by variable-rate technology.  Some of the MagnaSpread 3’s earliest adopters have already successfully spread up to seven nutrients simultaneously with this trusted technology.

MagnaSpread3 enables business-savvy farmers to extract full value from their agronomic data.  Employing high-level soil chemistry to its full potential by blending nutrients to the precise specifications of field agronomists was the company’s goal with its multi-bin offerings, and MagnaSpread 3 delivers on that promise.

This spreader, like the other Producer Series options, is built tough to meet the rigors of producer-level acreages.  MagnaSpread 3 features a 14-ton walking-beam suspension state-of-the-art electrostatic paint, and BBI’s commitment to quality that shines throughout the life cycle of every MagnaSpread product.