Technology in Tractors, Fertilizer Spreaders and Other Equipment Equal Big Gains

Cornelia, GA - Advancements in technology are helping farmers get the most out of every acre, every minute and every dollar they spend. Variable rate application technology on both tractor pull type fertilizer spreaders and truck mount fertilizer spreaders has matured so that it has become a widely accepted tool for the farmer.

Coupling a tractor fertilizer spreader or truck mount fertilizer spreader equipped with variable rate technology and the field prescription of needed crop nutrients from an agronomist can SAVE precious nutrients and INCREASE yields.

The BBI Spreaders MagnaSpread series of Fertilizer and Lime Spreaders combines variable rate technology with exceptional engineering design that gives a wide, consistent spread pattern that not only delivers nutrients where needed, but does it while saving fuel, time, money and minimizing compaction in the field.

The BBI Spreaders Triad has THREE separate nutrient bins that are controlled separately by the Variable Rate Controller. The farmer can BLEND on the go so that each section of each field gets exactly the amount and mix of nutrients needed in one pass. Couple this with the BBI MagnaSpread Spread pattern and you have a tool that makes the MOST of the cutting edge technology and engineering available in granular spreaders today. 

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