Salford Pathfinder Self-Steering Cart

Salford Pathfinder Self-Steering Cart

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PATHFINDER Self-Steering Cart

The PathFinder is a self-steering undercarriage designed to carry aftermarket dry and liquid fertilizer tanks for strip-till and row crop application. The PathFinder is equipped with a steerable axle that can be adjusted from 120 up to 160 inches, designed to meet row crop farming requirements. The cart's standard row crop tires and high clearance axle design also allow the machine to enter the field for later season applications.

The PathFinder comes with a universal, double ball hitch so that the cart can be partnered with virtually any leading tool bar, strip-till, tillage or planting implement.

The Valmar ST-6 and ST-8 air tanks and meters are extremely accurate and proven gentle enough for seed and/or fertilizer.




  • Standard: Implement-guided steering
  • Optional: Rigid hitch and axle (no steering)
  • Optional: Hydraulic steering override for side-hill compensation


  • Standard: 380/90 R46 (row crop tire)
  • Optional: 480/80 R46


  • High clearance
  • 120" (20", 30" rows)
  • 132" (22" rows)
  • 144" (36" rows)
  • 152" (38" rows)
  • 160" (40" rows)


  • Double ball hitch (fits nearly any leading implement)
  • Optional tow hitch for trailing implements

Application Rates:

  • Standard Meter: 400lbs / acre at 5mph
  • Optional High Output Meter: 650lbs / acre at 5mph