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SEEDING & Fertilizing

Air Carts

AC1000 Single-Tank Air Cart

The AC1000 is a single-tank, tow-between model, with 140- or 180-bushel capacity. 

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AC2000 Double-Tank Air Cart

The AC2000 is a double-tank, tow-between or tow-behind model. The AC2000 can be equipped with a 65-bushel Salford plus tank to handle small seed and inoculants. 

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Air Drills

525 Precision Disc Air Drill

The Salford 525 Precision Disc Air Drill starts with two sets of twin toolbars for maximum residue flow and a multitude of row spacing and fertilizer application options. 

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522 Precision Disc Air Drill - Mounted Tanks

Salford Precision Disc Drills start with the Salford 500 series double disc opener to reliably place seed and fertilizer at the correct depth. 

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Implement Mount

VALMAR 1665 Row-Crop Applicator and Inter-Row Seeder

Salford Valmar row-crop applicators for inter-row seeding apply seed at exactly the rate you desire.  

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VALMAR 55 Series Implement-Mount Granular Applicators

Whether you’re seeding or applying herbicides, a Salford Valmar 55 Series implement-mount applicator is designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy under a wide variety of ground conditions. 

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Pneumatic Boom

VALMAR Airflo 5500 Pull-Type Fertilizer Spreader

Designed for commercial rental operations, Salford Valmar’s 5500 pull-type, self-leveling booms feature extra strong, all stainless steel construction with breakaway boom tips for added protection. 

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VALMAR Airflo 8600 Pull-Type Fertilizer Spreader

Designed to meet the needs of large commercial operations, the Airflo 8600 is a high-capacity, pull-type spreader that delivers the highest rates of application currently available in a commercial spreader. 

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VALMAR 245 Pull-Type Granular Applicator

Whether you’re seeding or applying herbicide, a Salford Valmar 245 Pull-Type Granular Applicator is designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy under a wide variety of ground conditions.

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The PathFinder is a steerable undercarriage designed to carry aftermarket dry and liquid fertilizer tanks for strip-till and row crop application. 

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