VAlmar St-6 Strip Till granular fertilizer applicator


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VALMAR ST-6 Strip Till Granular Fertilizer Applicator

Salford Valmar ST-6 applicators are ideal for producers wanting to capitalize on the lower cost of granular fertilizer. Compatible with most major manufacturers including Salford, Valmar Strip Till Granular Fertilizer Applicators combine with tillage equipment to form the ultimate single-pass multi-tool for sophisticated farming operations. 


Metering and delivery system

  • Individual venturi, open feed system
  • Two 304 stainless steel metering assemblies
  • 8, 12, 16 or 18 outlets
  • 4” diameter, 12-groove, 304 stainless metering roller
  • 400 lb/acre @ 6 MPH at 30” row spacing
  • 40-650 lbs per acre metering range
  • 2” ID flex hose
  • Hydraulic motor metering drive for use with VRT
  • Optional air diffuser kit available for 8, 12 or 16 rows


  • Height 84”
  • Width 94”
  • Depth; 80” hopper, 102” overall including ladder and platform
  • Weight (empty) 1,510 lbs


  • For hopper clean-out: remove roller and venturi plate, open hopper bottom slide gate, product drops through venturi
  • For calibration: remove venturi plate, turn metering, collect product as it drops through venturi, and weigh


  • 185 cu ft, 6-ton capacity
  • Poly tank
  • Easy-to-use lid on linkage and track opener
  • Opening size – 51” wide x 37” deep
  • Available bin screen
  • Hopper bottom shut-off slide gates
  • Standard mounting legs and hardware (scale ready)
  • May require modification by customer


  • Single inlet radial blade with 18” or 20” (for 16 and 18 outlet)
  • Operates at 5500 RPM
  • Fan outlet pressure of 32” water column
  • 12 CC displacement hydraulic, axial piston motor
  • 17 GPM hydraulic flow, case drain required
  • 1800 PSI
  • 16 HP