Valmar 1255 Pull-type inter-row applicator


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Air Manifold Gauge

A Murphy gauge measures air manifold pressure using inches of water column. The gauge is connected to the in-cab control with warning light and buzzer to warn of insufficient air pressure, ensuring proper application.

Manifold-Venturi System and Funnel Tray

The venturi and manifold systems can be lowered by means of a quick release. Funnel trays are inserted for collection of product when calibrating or emptying the unit.

Hopper Bottom Slide Gates

Manually operated slide gates stop product flow to the metering system, allowing you to remove the roller for cleaning or servicing.

Calibration Hand Crank

To make calibrating a product as precise and easy as possible, a hand crank is provided to turn the metering system. The product can be collected by using the funnel trays and weighed for determining exact application rates.

In-Cab Control

The dual electric clutch control allows you to operate the metering system from the operator’s seat. Two magnetic clutches and in-cab control allow half shut-off on either side.

Metering Roller

The 1255 PT uses two fluted rollers for metering granular product or seed. The red rollers have 28 grooves and are used for application of fine products such as granular herbicide and small seeds such as grass, flax, canola, alfalfa, etc. The coarse rollers have 12 grooves and are used with fertilizer and larger seeds such as wheat or soybeans. Each unit comes with both types of rollers.

60-speed Gearbox

Rate adjustment is easy and precise with 60 settings at five percent increments. The gearbox features eight speeds, two ranges, and four input drive ratios, giving a wide selection of rates. Combined with the ground drive system, it provides unparalleled accuracy over the entire range of settings.



  • 18-inch impeller with three-inch outlet
  • Operates at 3200-4000 RPM
  • Hydraulic or gas engine fan drive
  • Hydraulic – 2.2 CID motor requires 8 GPM; hydraulic lines to hitch included (customer-supplied connectors); includes sheaves, belt, shields, flow control with check valve
  • Gas engine – 9 HP engine; comes with Cyclone Air Cleaner; includes centrifugal clutch, engine mount, sheaves, belt and shields
  • Note: Engine ordered separately


  • 1,500-pound rubber torsion axle
  • 5-bolt hubs
  • P265/50R15 tires
  • Taillights
  • Safety chains
  • Clevis-type hitch


  • Foam marker
  • Four- or eight-foot broadcast boom extensions

Dimensions/Shipping Information

  • Height: 6 ft.
  • Width: 6 ft. 10 in.
  • Length: 8 ft. 7 in.
  • Weight: 1,080 lb.


  • 18 cu. ft.
  • 409 stainless steel with a two-component epoxy primer and a two-component, cross-linked acrylic top coat
  • Weather-tight lid
  • Product level sight gauge


  • Broadcast or inter-row banding boom

Broadcast Boom:

  • Self-leveling boom frame
  • Six left-hand and six right-hand broadcast deflectors
  • 16-foot boom (can be extended to 20 or 24 feet with optional extension kits)
  • Adjustable boom height
  • 1.25-inch ID, PVC hose

Inter-row Banding Boom:

  • Two stainless steel assemblies with six drop tubes
  • Telescoping to accommodate various row spacing up to 10 feet
  • Adjustable angle and height provide different band application widths
  • Also includes a 7-foot non-folding broadcast boom with breakaways for inter row broadcasting with 12 drop tubes
  • 1.25-inch ID, PVC hose


  • Ground driven
  • Half shut-off on either side
  • Comes with two types of metering rollers
  • 28-groove rollers for fine granulars and small seeds
  • 12-groove rollers for fertilizer and large seeds
  • In-cab electric clutch control and air manifold monitor
  • 60-speed gearbox with five percent between settings
  • Air manifold and venturi system drop for easy cleaning