A new product launch is always a cause for celebration, and Salford’s latest addition to the Halo family – the VRT – is something growers can really get excited about. The VRT (variable rate tillage) is Salford’s new high-speed disc, offering adjustable blade angles to adapt to any field condition with control from the tractor cab, narrow transport to safely and easily move between farms and a double 14” rolling basket system that provides a superior field finish.

“Our latest high-performance tool, the VRT, is a game-changer,” says Josh Kettle, Salford Tillage Product Manager. “Versatility is built right into the short, high-speed disc frame that offers more options for producers than ever.”


The Halo VRT compliments Salford’s Halo lineup with its high operating speed and versatile functions. The innovation and technology behind the design of the VRT is what sets the machine apart from the competition. It is the first short frame, high-speed disc frame with narrow transportation that, according to Kettle, “represents a culmination of features that producers have been looking for, especially the higher field speed.”

With field speeds of 8-14 mph, the Halo VRT is designed for productivity and performance – two features that can easily save operators time and money. The higher field speeds are a differentiating benefit that sets the VRT apart from other adjustable blade angle tillage machines on the market.

The VRT’s adjustable blade angle is another distinguishing feature that is designed to meet the needs of Salford customers. With the ability to adapt and adjust to any field condition or desired soil outcome, the blade angle can be adjusted between 2⁰- 15⁰ – right from the controls in the tractor cab. Not every field is uniform, making the VRT the ideal tool to manage variable field conditions, like burying residue, managing field ruts, operating vertical tillage, increasing soil movement or the ability to take out weeds in a problem area.

The machine’s narrow transportation –12’ wide when folded – means the VRT isn’t much wider than the operating tractor. This design feature reduces obstacles on the road and makes transportation safer for everyone.

The Halo VRT also comes with a complete field finishing package. Already a popular feature with producers who have field tested the VRT machine, the finishing package comes with a double 14” roller and offers operators the ability to level, smooth, breakdown clods, roots and balls of soil, and even leave a herringbone finish. The field finishing package enables operators to completely customize their own fields. One the greatest benefits of the new Halo VRT is the machine’s versatility and its ability to perform just about every tillage function. For many Salford customers, that means they can invest in and maintain just one machine that they can use all-year long.


When Salford came out with the Halo tillage family in 2020, they had one thing in mind – create a new lineup that meets and exceeds producer needs. They started by asking producers and operators how Salford could help improve their soil management goals, operator ease and efficiency, crop yields, and overall farm productivity. The response quickly led Salford to realize the need for tillage tools that are capable of handling a variety of field conditions. “Not everyone wants or needs a lineup of tillage tools in their own yard, so Salford set out to design a new family of machines to be more versatile and meet the needs of every season with one machine,” says Kettle.

The result was the release of the Halo family. The Halo HSD was the first in the Halo lineup that is designed as a multi-season tillage tool offering growers speed and a superior field finish. The Halo AerWay offers growers a less aggressive tillage tool that focuses on soil aeration and improving soil tilth while also offering effective residue management. And now, in 2022, Salford is introducing a revolutionary tillage machine set to be the most versatile in the industry, the Halo VRT.

“The Halo VRT brings two of the original Halo machines together in a new high-performance model,” says Kettle. “Ultimately, you can do more with the VRT, thanks to all the customizable options. The VRT shines in fields with variable conditions, whether it’s within one field or multiple tillage seasons, it’s versatility is what makes this new addition to the Halo family so extraordinary.”


“Salford has been a long-time player in soil management, and the company’s approach to identifying gaps in the market, along with its extensive R&D process, has led to the development of the VRT,” says Kettle, explaining that Salford’s approach to new product development extends from customer feedback and suggestions through to engineering, manufacturing and in-field testing with growers and customers. “We’re in the business of meeting customer needs and making a difference in their fields.”

When customers were first consulted and asked what features they would like in a new tillage tool, the predominant response was one machine that could work in multiple soil conditions. Road transportation was a pain point for many of those consulted who said it’s one of the more stressful parts of their job. These requests led to the variable angle design of the VRT and narrow transport – both features that have had overwhelming positive feedback from in-field testing.

Kettle says the VRT was designed with customers who work in variable corn and soybean conditions. Salford customers had been asking for a tillage tool that could perform anywhere at any time of the year. “For those producers who run two tools for multiple passes, or different types of field passes, the VRT can now help them consolidate their fleet because it’s versatility offers the flexibility of both aggressive and lighter passes – but with only one machine,” he explains.

The Halo VRT will be released in February 2022. For more information, contact your local Salford dealer to book a demo. There will be limited availability, so contact your local dealer today to book a demo. Find my dealer