Healthy soils are key to optimizing hay and pasture production. The good news is the Salford’s AerWay product line includes models specifically designed for hay field and pasture management, aerating soil and helping to manage moisture while maintaining organic matter. AerWay’s proven vertical tillage design has been adopted by thousands of cattlemen and hay producers across North America to reduce soil compaction, help their plants establish stronger root systems and boost yields.


Good soil tilth is that coveted balance, or measurement of the balance between basic soil elements – air, minerals, water and organic matter. Finding that balance is key to optimizing production and maintaining healthy soils for today’s production and future crops. After all, there’s no better investment on a farm than in the health of your soil. Properly balanced soil will have good tilth and will create an environment for all the elements to efficiently interact, creating the ideal soil system. Root development and growth relies on a balance of air and water. Obviously restricting a plants access of any of these basic elements can lead to stunted root growth, resulting in a poor crop stand and decreased production.
Compaction is a producer’s number one enemy because it inhibits root growth, reduces the activity of soil organisms, and limits the plants access to air and water. Managing soil compaction and maintaining proper root development can be challenging in perennial crops like grassy pastures and hay fields, making aeration your best line of defense.
Aerating increases soils porosity helps to balance proper air-water proportions in the soil, and finding this balance will ensure the overall soil system works at peak efficiency. Compaction affects wet and dry soils, making either condition more severe. It reduces the soil’s water holding capacity, making drought conditions more serious, and inhibits drainage, making wet conditions worse.


Correcting compaction will make significant improvements in soil tilth and is the most basic step you can take to improve your pasture and hay production. Salford’s vertical tillage AerWay technology offers producers an easy answer to manage compaction and improve soil health.
The AerWay’s patented Shattertines combat compaction by lifting and fracturing tough soil to increase air and water movement. The unique angles of the AerWay Shattertines crack and shatter compacted soil up to eight inches deep and in the right conditions soil fracturing can occur even deeper, opening new channels for air and water. It’s never been easier to find that air-water balance. In fact, producers report improved fertilizer uptake, reduced runoff and greater soil moisture retention as a result of running their AerWay implement over hay and pasture fields. All of these benefits add up to improved soil health, stronger root systems and better yields. Salford equipment is known for its quality and durability. Many of the unique equipment designs are intended to manage soil health and reduce compaction. The AerWay is another example of Salford’s commitment to soil health, with its unique tine arrangement. The machine’s roller tines are arranged in an offset pattern to ensure there is never a continuous furrow or groove in the soil that could channel water or cause erosion. The AerWay system also offers Quick Adjust rollers to allow you to control the degree of aeration. More aggressive angles are available for renovation and overseeding, while lesser swing angles can be used for aeration and compaction relief. Interested in learning more? Watch a short video about how the AerWay works here.


Healthy soils are the foundation of your pasture, but it’s the crop itself that you’re looking for. So, when it comes to seeding your pasture crop, the AerWay has you covered, offering total pasture management with just one implement.
AerWay’s Topdress Seeder features a dedicated 10 ft. Quick Adjust Frame with an integral full width 10bushel linear seedbox. Driven by a 12-volt constant speed electric motor, the seeder can handle a variety of seeds, along with granular herbicides and insecticides. And there’s an optional finishing tool or harrow for that extra seed to soil contact assurance.
When it comes to pasture management and high production hay fields, there’s no better tool for the job than Salford’s AerWay. Investing in an AerWay machine will deliver direct results, while building and maintaining soil health for years of future benefits.