As commercial fertilizer prices continue to rise and availability becomes a larger concern, sourcing nutrients from organic fertilizer is becoming more popular. In places where poultry litter is abundant, it is an excellent source of nitrogen to feed crops. When it comes to spreading poultry litter across their corn and soybean acres, brothers Nathan and Brandon Pardue of Wilkes County, North Carolina wouldn’t trust the job to anything other than their BBI Endurance spreader. In fact, the brothers own and operate two units – 16 ft and 24 ft pull-type units that guarantee even, consistent application for their natural fertilizer.

We sat down with the brothers to learn more about their experience with the BBI Endurance spreaders – why they like the Endurance, how the equipment performs and what the machines are like to operate. The family purchased their 16 ft BBI Endurance spreader eight years ago, and the 24 ft spreader approximately two years ago. They say the pull-type units fit their farm operation nicely and have stood up to their high expectations of quality, durability, low maintenance and ease of use.

According to the Pardue brothers, their greatest challenge when it comes to applying poultry litter is navigating the rolling terrain of their fields and pastures. Their go-to solution is the 24 ft machine. It’s walking tandem axles, and greater clearance help it ‘flow with the land’. The greater clearance also allows the machine achieve wider spread patterns.


Both machines work double-duty each year – spreading litter in spring and fall. In the springtime, the brothers are focused on uniform, consistent spread patterns to ensure even crop emergence and stand. And the Endurance spreader has delivered year after year. They say they’ve looked around at other models on the market, evaluating their spread pattern, but always return to the BBI Endurance for its consistency.

In the fall, the spreaders are used to apply poultry litter to their cover crops. Establishing cover crops, and providing the nutrients found in the litter helps the crops grow. This is key to improving their soil structure, and maintaining soil moisture, while reducing erosion on the Pardue family farm. The brothers quote their dad when they say, “if we take care of the land, the land will take care of us.”

Taking care of their land also means supporting their crops with the right nutrient needs and rates. And while poultry litter is a great source of nitrogen, they thoroughly test their soil and litter to evaluate the soil’s nutrient needs and the nutrients available in the litter. On average they apply 2-3 tons of litter per acre at 30-40 ft widths and finish with commercial fertilizers based on soil and crop nutrient needs. Proper nutrient application is another reason the brothers like the accuracy and consistent spread pattern of their BBI Spreaders, especially at a time when fertilizer costs are reaching record highs that impact farm profitability.


Nathan and Brandon agree, the BBI Endurance spreaders are the right choice for their farm operation.

They continue to be impressed with how easy the Endurance is to use, adjust and maintain. Grease points are easy to reach, and the chain tension process is simple. With over eight years, or 16 application seasons, on their 16 ft machine they have had almost no down time. The spreaders travel well on the road, providing operators with a smooth, balanced ride that doesn’t sway when traveling higher road speeds. Additionally, these spreaders can travel loaded but it recommended to not exceed 12 mph. when doing so.

One of their favorite features of the machines is the dump value switch in the cab. This enables the operator to stop the chain on the spreader without stopping the PTO. Stopping the chain prevents over application as they turn on headlands, but maintaining the spinner speed, and torque ensures an even, consistent spread when starting the next pass. When applying litter to their cover crops in the fall, it’s the Endurance spinners that they like best because they are positioned higher off the ground and provide a wider, more even spread. And when it comes to versatility, the brothers have been known to use the BBI Endurance spreader to bed their poultry houses with saw dust too, adjusting the spread pattern inside the barn for even application.

The BBI Endurance spreader is a favorite for the Pardue brothers, who recommend the machine to anyone else who spreads poultry litter. Their advice for fellow producers is to look for a machine that fits the needs of your farm. They recommend a model with tandem axles and larger tires to reduce compaction. While they recommend selecting a model large enough for expansion, they note it’s also important find the best fit for your tractor. After all the spreaders are heavy machines and safety is number one on the farm.

Like the Pardue brothers, thousands of growers have trusted the BBI Endurance to help maximize their profitability by efficiently and accurately applying nutrients to their fields. For more information on the Endurance visit