Salford Group caught up with a loyal customer this spring to check in on his satisfaction and experience with a recent BBI Liberty fertilizer spreader purchase. Elliot is corn, soybean and wheat farmer in Caledon, Ont. Running 500 acres, he prefers to invest in his own field equipment for independence and flexibility rather than rely on custom applicators for fertilizer and spraying. Over the years, Elliot has become a loyal customer, purchasing Salford tillage machines to manage his field work. He says he’s been happy with his I-1200 and I-5100 machines, reporting their field performance measures up to his expectations and deliver his ideal field finish. Elliot’s experience with Salford equipment meant he had high expectations when he invested in a BBI Liberty. “I saw a model at a local farm show and knew it was what I was looking for – stainless steel with simple drive components and a roll-top cover,” he says. “I was looking for something to stand up to the harsh wear and tear fertilizer causes on a spreader and was happy to find the Liberty unit.”


Low maintenance, durability and consistent field conditions are the highlights of the I-2200 for Schmitt. He’s just like Spring 2020 was the first year Elliot operated his new fertilizer spreader. And while he was pleased with the unit’s performance, he had to work out a few kinks first. Like any new machine, it took some field time to get his spreader working to his standards. “My local Salford territory manager was on hand to help set up the spreader from the start, he was able to set my desired fertilizer spread pattern and was on hand for any questions or follow up concerns.” Salford’s service commitment came through for Elliot last spring as he placed some follow up calls to Hank, his local territory manager. Together, they resolved some minor concerns to make sure the machine was performing up to Elliot’s standards. “The machine works great, the Liberty is part of my fleet and I expect it will stay in my equipment lineup for rest of my farming career,” says Elliot, noting one of the biggest benefits of the machine is its ideal size for his fields and nutrient application requirements.


The name of the machine, Liberty, is a reflection of its break through design that no longer restricts general broadcast application, but rather a more targeted, precise nutrient application. Salford’s BBI Liberty spreaders are available in mechanical and hydraulic drive options that have been manufactured to meet every grower’s economic and performance needs.


“Fertilizer is important, but it’s hard to tell just what difference it makes on yield and crop quality at harvest time, especially on rented land,” says Elliott. It can be hard to measure fertilizer performance, especially when it comes to assessing the impact of application, but Elliot believes he’s seen a difference in using the Liberty spreader after just one growing season. He includes flexibility and convenience as performance measurements in his operation. “The Liberty spreader is convenient; it is a low maintenance machine that is just the right size for my fields and it delivers consistent spread patterns. And I put a high value on anything that saves me time and offers flexibility.” Elliot expects his Liberty spreader to continue to perform to his standards in the field, while providing him the time-saving, low maintenance requirements he desires. “I’d recommend this machine to anyone,” he says. “It’s a good quality spreader that comes with quality service.”