Salford Group, a global leader in high-quality tillage and application equipment, is launching the latest model in their HALO tillage line, the HALO VRT. This new machine is the agricultural industry’s first tillage implement capable of varying tillage intensity on a forward folding, narrow transport frame. Salford’s HALO VRT will debut at the 2022 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, from February 16th – 19th.

“Most other variable rate tillage machines are existing tools that have been updated to have adjustable gangs,” says Salford’s Tillage Product Manager, Josh Kettle. “Salford has engineered a totally new tillage frame for the HALO models. They are designed to maintain level operation at high speeds, with different ground engaging tools and adjustable angles. We have tested the HALO VRT in several of North America’s top corn-growing regions, and the adjustable gang angle excels at spring and fall tillage. The low blade angles perform seedbed preparation, residue management, and vertical tillage up to fourteen miles per hour. When more aggressive tillage is needed, the blade angle can be hydraulically adjusted up to 15 degrees, and you don’t even need to stop driving to make the change.”

“For years, producers have been using variable-rate practices in seeding and application to farm more profitably, but tillage equipment has lagged behind in adapting to field conditions,” says Brad Baker, Salford’s VP Sales and Marketing. “Variable tillage tools like the HALO VRT are the future of tillage, allowing producers to choose the amount of tillage they need. This machine is capable of less intensive tillage that goes faster, uses fewer tractor hours and fuel, and will help protect soil structure and prevent erosion. But when a producer needs a more aggressive machine to fill ruts or manage resistant weeds, the HALO VRT can adjust to meet their challenge. There’s no need to sacrifice the quality of the job, leave the field to get another machine, or phone the neighbor to come and help out.”

The versatile new HALO VRT is the latest in Salford’s HALO series of implements. All three HALO series machines are built on forward folding frames with transport widths below twelve feet. The HALO’s frame is hydraulically balanced to produce more level seedbeds at higher speeds than other tillage machines with this frame type. All HALO models are designed for simple operation with multiple maintenance-free features and easy-to-use hydraulic adjustments. The HALO VRT is now available in working widths of 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 feet.

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Salford Group is a global leader in manufacturing tillage and precision application equipment. Salford is dedicated to improving agricultural productivity and profitability through innovation and advancements in precision, durability, and versatility. Salford Group’s products include the patented I-Series and HALO tillage product lines. Salford’s AerWay division brings quality tillage and pasture aeration equipment. The BBI Spreader and Valmar divisions of Salford bring decades of patented dry application innovations. Salford engineers and manufactures its highly productive agricultural equipment from its facilities in Iowa, Georgia, Ontario, and Manitoba.

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