As we all anxiously await that sunshine to hit and fields to dry. So, it is time to prep and be ready at a moment’s notice. Here is a brief list to get your set and ready for a successful seedbed.

WALK AROUND do a full walk-around of the machine, look for any loose or disconnected components

GET GREASED grease all pivot points & be sure to refer to your operator manual for locations and recommended products

KEEP LUBRICATED inspect all hubs, including bearings and seals on wheels and ground engaging components, and lubricate where needed

GOT LEAKS? review the hydraulic systems, cylinders, hoses, fittings, and tips for wear or leakage. Check your manual to repair if needed.

HOW ARE THOSE BLADES inspect for wear or damaged blades and replace where needed

TIRE CHECK review your tires and check tire pressure as per the operator’s manual

FINISHING TOOLS inspect whatever finishing tools you may have for wear or damage i.e. harrows, rolling baskets, etc.

SAFETY CHAINS check that your safety chain is in good condition and is able to connect properly and effectively to your tractor

FIELD SETTINGS adjust field settings as per the operators manual, do a test strip, and determine additional adjustments as needed

Always check your manual before performing any adjustments to your machine or contact Salford for assistance on safe maintenance and operation. #fieldyourbest