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AerWay frames are manufactured using structural, carbon steel because of the good forming and excellent welding properties.  Our Turf unit frames consist of 4” x 4” tubing with side plates which are CNC cut and formed. All frames are tacked in a fixture to hold all locations within tolerance, checked then hand welded into a single piece. All lugs and attaching points are CNC cut and drilled to maintain tolerances. Our frames are painted with a titanium based primer and then top coated with our well know AerWay yellow. All AerWay Turf units come complete with our AerWay Yellow Ballast tank.  

Selecting an AerWay is like designing your own aerator.  It's easy. Simply choose your frame style, select the appropriate tine and add the options for your application.

3-Point Hitch Models: Standard Category 1 or 2 three-point hitch (depending on size) for basic sports turf and fairway aeration.  

3 Point Hitch Specs





Pull Type Models:  Designed for use with tractors or utility vehicles.  Pneumatic turf tires make transport convenient.

Pull Type Model Specs
Aerway 3 point hitch turf aeration
aerway pull type with pneumatic turf tires