About Salford

Salford Group began production of conventional tillage equipment 1978.  Over the years Salford grew with innovative tillage designs and in 2005 Salford began engineering and manufacturing seeding and application equipment as well.
In 2014 Salford purchased BBI Spinner Spreaders, founded in 1991, and in 2015 Salford acquired Valmar Airflo (established in 1977), manufactures of Valmar air boom and Valmar granular application tools.
Salford, like BBI and Valmar, focuses on engineering simple to use equipment that incorporate innovations that are unique in the market place.
Salford has production facilities in Iowa and Georgia as well as Ontario and Manitoba, Canada.  This gives Salford parts distribution and product support across America’s heartland, America's Southeast, in the Great Lakes region and into the Canadian West.


AerWay Tillage and Pasture Management

Salford's AerWay tillage and pasture management machines are designed to improve moisture and nutrient storage while alleviating compaction.


BBI Spreaders

Salford's BBI Spreaders  are engineered for the widest true driving intervals, saving time in the field.
A wide range of models fit every operation.


Valmar Airflo

Salford's highly accurate Valmar Airflo applicators offer implement mounted granular product distribution or air boom applicators.


Independent Series

Salford Independent Series tillage machines improve seedbeds and manage residue.  I-Series tools can be fitted for application as well.


Conventional Tillage

Salford Group offers a line of conventional tillage tools engineered for maximum durability, clearance and ease of use.


Air Seeders & Commodity Carts

Salford Commodity Carts are engineered for seeding and fertilizer application. Poly tanks and stainless steel components accurately handle commodities.


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