We were able to sit down with Louie Nigg, a fifth-generation farmer from Peever, South Dakota. He took time out of his day to share his story on Nigg Farms and his experience with Salford tools. “Corn and beans are our bread and butter that we raise,” Louie says. “And a little wheat and alfalfa in the past. But corn and soybeans are mainly what we focus on.”

When it comes to using Salford tools year over year, Louie says, “The durability is just great… for the amount of speed and acres you cover and what they get put through, they’re bulletproof.” Louie’s seasonal maintenance for his Salford tool is simple, taking about 40 minutes for every thousand acres to grease the blade hubs.

With the extremely dry conditions in his area this past Fall, Louie shared with us that his Salford tool has helped him level out the ruts in his fields, making it a “perfect” seedbed. He adds, ““For our area, they’re more of a one-pass tool if you do it in the fall. If the spring is correct with the correct moisture and you’re not too wet, we can plant right into that and don’t have to worry about making another pass”.

When asked about the difference between the 570 and the independent series machines, Louie says, “The 570 at the time they were a great tool. These [independent series machines] are heavier built too, you know the heavier shafts.”

Louie purchased his Salford 4200 tool from Haug Equipment in Willmar, Minnesota with the help of long-time sales manager, Jared Elton. If you are in the market for a reliable and durable farming tool, Salford is definitely worth considering. As Louie made sure to mention before we headed out to our next stop, “You take care of it, do the maintenance. They’re going to last a long time.”

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