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ST-12 Dual Product / 6 Ton + 6 Ton Dual Plastic Hopper Fertilizer System

The ST-12 Frame Mount is available independently as a skid-mounted system for use on 3rd party implements such as strip-till and applicator toolbars.

The polymer tanks are designed to be configured for multiple  applications. They will soon be available with liquid fertilizer or pressurized air system upgrade kits. In the case of the liquid upgrade, the ST-12 will have the unique capability to deliver liquid and dry product on the same steerable frame. The pressurized upgrade brings the highly accurate Salford air seeding metering system to the ST-12 and allow product to be delivered reliably to wider implements. 


  • ST-12 uses a 50/50 split ratio *(calculated at 65 lbs/cu-ft)

  • Hopper screen assembly

  • Hydraulic Circuits (8-20 Outlet)

  • 4-Section hydraulic variable rate metering including: Shut off slide gates

    • Plastic pegged meter rollers

    • Shut off slide gates

    • 4 GPM PWM valve

    • Meter encoder, fan speed and bin level sensors

    • Main controller harness (adaptor harness may be required to plug into 3rd party ECU)

  • Metering control packages available on options page

  • Air manifold pressure gauge

  • Available 8, 12, 16, 18, 20 or 24-outlet stainless steel manifold / venturi sets are NOT included

Pathfinder ST-10


ST-12 (With Platform)

ST-12 (With Platform)

More Accurate Fertilizer Blends

ST-12 models can carry two separate commodities with their dual ST-12 dual 6 ton/185 cu-ft. poly tanks.  Blending is done right at the meter, rather than in the air line.  This ensures the most accurate blend possible.

Roller Metering

ST-Series applicators use peg roller meters, which excel at metering seed or fertilizer. Compared to auger metering these rollers offer greater accuracy, are less susceptible to plugging, are easier to change and do not grind product.  Peg rollers are equipped with brushes for self cleaning. Low rate rollers available for cover crop and micro nutrients.

*Options must be requested at order.

Aer Certified ISO Bus
Pathfinder ST-10 metering system component (1/2)
Pathfinder ST-10 metering system component (2/2)

Both metering systems deliver product to a single funnel that drops in to a common venturi air stream for the highest possible blending accuracy and efficiency.  There is no need to run two sets of air lines to the application knife as all the blending happens right at the metering system.  The air manifold and funnels are only connected to one metering system to maintain scale reading integrity.

The number of air outlets is determined by the funnel/air manifold assembly, which can be easily changed by simply unbolting it from the metering system.  Updating from a 12-outlet to 16-outlet system can be achieved in a matter of minutes.  A 20” fan driven by a 12cc hydraulic motor spins at up to 5900 rpm to provide plenty of air at high rates.  By maintaining a set pressure in the air plenum behind the venturi manifold, a constant, reliable airflow can be achieved regardless of the number of outlets.

Section Control Ready
ST-Series models are capable of ISOBUS compatible section control.  The ST-12 metering system is split into four sections for the most accurate, cost effective application.



Hopper Capacity: 370 cu ft (185 /185 cu ft) 12 Tons (6 / 6 ton)

Tank Configuration: Two compartments with 50/50 split


- 4 - Section Metering

- Plastic peg meters rollers with brush for self cleaning

- Manual hopper bottom shut-off slide gates

- PWM Valve

- Meter encoder, Fan speed sensor, Bin level sensor

- Low rate rollers available


- Skid mounting available - contact dealer

*ST-12 does not come standard with mounting hardware.


- Requires 30-42 gpm @ 2800 psi (single fan or dual fan)

- Case drain required

- Hoses to tractor not included


- Tow hitch for anhydrous ammonia carts

- Adaptor hitch for pickups