Aerway Aw & Awm Series

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Only patented AerWay® Shattertines lift and fracture tough soil to increase air and water movement. As the AerWay moves over the surface, the unique angles of the AerWay Shattertines crack and shatter compacted soil 8” and deeper to open new channels for air and water.

Plants respond with stronger roots and better yields. Plus you’ll see improved fertilizer utilization, reduced runoff, and greater soil moisture retention. See for yourself why thousands of cattlemen and hay producers agree – there’s nothing else like AerWay.

The family of AWM Models have been designed to satisfy the demands of farmers working smaller sized acreages. AerWay’s adjustable roller settings allow the user to choose the degree of compaction relief, cultivation, aeration, and/or residue incorporation.


  • Frame – Three standard width configurations are available: 6.25 ft., 7.5 ft. and 10 ft. The frame of the AerWay is a structural steel weldment with integral weight trays. The AerWay is available as either a 3-Point (AWM3) or a Pull Type (AWMP) configuration.

  • Rollers – The rollers use four tines per row at 7.5” spacing. Each roller shaft is supported by two 50mm (2”) Pillow Block bearings.

  • Tillage – Rollers can be adjusted to 0°, 2.5° and 5° settings to vary the extent of aeration or cultivation.

  • AWMP Hydraulics – 3” bore x 12” stroke double acting cylinder with manual lockout.

  • AWMP Wheels – 9.5” X 15” – 8 ply ribbed agricultural tire mounted to six bolt hub. Quantity: Two supplied.


  • Great Value, Saves Resources – One implement that can do many jobs. Get the maximum benefit out of your inputs and achieve a better root system that results in higher yields.

  • Use All Season – Aerate, warm, and loosen soils in the spring, then relieve compaction or renovate after each hay cutting during the rest of the season.

  • Very Dependable – Designed and built to withstand demanding field conditions and provide years of reliable service.

  • Increased Yields – Better quality grass or hay results in more weight gain and healthier animals.


  • Pull-type Wheel Kits – Designed to convert your machine into a “trail” unit with tires rearward. Eliminates stress on your 3-point lift arms by transferring weight to the drawbar.

  • Ballast Blocks – For hard compacted ground conditions, ballast blocks are available in 550 and 750-lb. weights.

  • Lighting Kit – Includes two lights and two universal mounting brackets and harnesses.

  • Pull-type Harrow Caddys – Swivel pull-type caddys are available in widths of 17’ to 26’.

  • Drag Chain Harrows – 5/8” diameter; drag harrows are available from 5’ wide to 26’ wide x 84” deep.





AWM SERIES SPECIFICATIONS (Pull Type Models / Manual Adjust)
Model Number Cultivation Width Travel Width # of Tines Weight HP Required
AWMP-063-AG-4 6.25' 6.75' (81") 40 2000 lbs 38-63
AWMP-075-AG-4 7.5' 8' (96") 48 2150 lbs 45-75
AWMP-100-AG-4 10' 10.5' (126") 64 2450 lbs 60-100
AWM SERIES SPECIFICATIONS (Three Point Models / Manual Adjust)
Model Number Cultivation Width Travel Width # of Tines Weight HP Required
AWM3-063-AG-4 6.25' 6.75' (81") 40 1200 lbs 38-63
AWM3-075-AG-4 7.5' 8' (96") 48 1350 lbs 45-75
AWM3-100-AG-4 10' 10.5' (126") 64 1650 lbs 60-100
*Horsepower requirements (6-10 HP/FT) may vary depending on field conditions.