BBi MagnaSpread 2

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Precision fertilizer and lime applicators bearing the Salford name meet the demands of the largest farms, as well as small and mid-sized family operations looking to take their businesses to next-generation sustainability.  The option-rich MagnaSpread line is the powerhouse of Salford's BBI series, our flagship line of precision applicators of fertilizer, lime, and now urea with the optional Javelin spinner system. 

Salford BBI offers two spinner packages - MagnaSpread and Javelin - built to help you achieve maximum soil productivity through precision nutrient application.


MagnaSpread, Engineered for Versatility

MagnaSpread achieves consistent swaths of 80 feet with fertilizer and 60 feet with lime. The MagnaSpread spinner system is capable of spreading lime, a wide range of fertilizers and products like gypsum and micro-nutrients.

Now with Section Control OPTION

The BBI section control option, only from Salford, is the result of taking years of experience with split-chain conveyor systems in orchard/vineyard application and combining that left/right spread pattern control with BBI’s advancements in spreader hydraulics and precision application technology. BBI section control is available on select models and compatible with the MagnaSpread and Javelin spinner systems. 

BBI section control delivers positive economic benefits, such as more consistent yields through precise variable rate* application and reduced material and fuel use.  BBI section control’s economic benefits go hand in hand with environmental advantages by reducing spread pattern overlap in the field and on headlands, as well as reducing or eliminating overspread on fence rows, buffer strips and waterways.

Interchangeable Spinner System

Salford spinner systems are bolted on the BBI MagnaSpread models.  Order your MagnaSpread with each spinner system to take advantage of maximum spreading versatility.



MagnaSpread 120" WIDE Floater Mount- Distribution of Granular Fertilizer or Lime Standard 


Standard: MagnaSpread Spinners - offers true driving intervals to reduce swath overlap. 60 ft Lime, 80 ft Fertilizer.

Optional: Javelin Spinners - offers the widest swath for urea in the industry. 120 ft Urea.


Patented hydraulics control system - connectivity to all major precision agriculture technology brands

  • Variable Rate ready ISOBUS compatibility to most major precision control systems

  • Multiple factory-installed systems available


  • High quality JIC fittings & true hydraulic pipe

  • GR Valve - increasing chain speed

  • Hy-Torque manifold - increasing available spinner torque

Options for Self-Propelled Equipment

Whether you are driving a floater chassis, high-clearance chassis or ag truck, MagnaSpread unit mount options will maximize your total application investment with the most efficient, versatile and advanced spreader packages available in the industry.



Hopper Length:
High Clearance: - 12 Feet Capacity: 282 cubic feet / 9 tons

- 12 Feet Capacity: 282 cubic feet / 9 tons

- 14 Feet Capacity: 294 cubic feet / 10 tons

- 16 Feet Capacity: 336 cubic feet / 11 tons

- 18 Feet Capacity: 432 cubic feet / 14 tons

- 20 Feet Capacity: 480 cubic feet / 16 tons

Hopper Material:
- Standard: 304 Stainless Steel

- Optional: Painted 409 Stainless Steel

Tonnage capacity is based on a product density of 65 lbs per cubic foot and may be rounded up to account for heaped loads. Actual capacity may vary product type. Cubic foot capacity is based on a struck load.


Drive: Standard: PTO Driven 1000 rpm Self-Contained System, BBI Binary Manifold & Tandem Gear Case
Optional: Tractor Supplied Hydraulics (requires 2 remotes, 50 GPM, max 30 per remote, 3200 psi, case drain)


- 12 Feet High Clearance Standard: 20 inch Belt Over Bar Chain

- 12 Feet Standard: 20 inch Belt Over Bar Chain

- 14 Feet Standard: 30 inch Belt Over Bar Chain

- 16 Feet Standard: 30 inch Belt Over Bar Chain

- 18 Feet Standard: 30 inch Belt Over Bar Chain

- 20 Feet Standard: 30 inch Belt Over Bar Chain


- Stainless Steel Spinners and Fins


- Standard: MagnaSpread (Lime 60 feet, Fertilizer 80 feet +) 

- Optional: Javelin (Urea 120 feet)


- Standard: Increases available spinner torque


- Standard: Designed to double the available conveyor speed


- 12 Feet High Clearance
- Standard:
380/90R46 Row Crop Tire

- 12 Feet Standard : 16.5L x 15
- Optional : 21.5L x 16.1*
- Optional: 500/45-22.5

- 14 Feet Standard : 550/60-22.5
- Optional : 800/65-32*
- *800 tire on 20 ton walking beam
- 16 Feet Standard: 550/60-22.5
- Optional:800/65-32*
*800 tire on 20 ton walking beam
- 18 Feet Standard: 800/65-32
- 20 Feet Standard: 800/65-32


- 12 Feet High Clearance
- 24,000 lb high-clearance adjustable axle
- Standard: 90 - 120 inches
- Optional: 80 - 110 inches

- 12 Feet Standard:10,000 lb torsion flex tandem axle
- Optional: 10 ton walking beam

- 14 Feet Standard: 10,000 lb torsion flex tandem axle
- Optional: 10 ton walking beam

- 16 Feet High Clearance
- Standard
: 14 ton walking beam
- Optional: 20 ton walking beam

- 18 Feet High Clearance Standard: 20 ton walking beam

- 20 Feet High Clearance Standard: 20 ton walking beam