the shattertine

Aerway shattertine

For use on roughs, fairways, tees and sports fields.

Only patented AerWay® Shattertines® lift and fracture tough soil to increase air, water, and nutrient movement.

As the AerWay® moves over the surface of the ground, the unique angles and offsets of the 

Shattertines® crack and shatter compacted soil 6” and deeper, resulting in increased water percolation, microbial activity and fertilizer utilization. Plants respond with strongerroot systems and healthier top growth.

AerWay pioneered the original Shattertine for soil aeration almost 30 years ago, and now introduces the next generation of the tine. (Pictured)  It maintains the original “twist and lean” to produce the “shattering” of the soil profile, but the bulk of the tine has been reduced to lower ballasting requirements.

XE-75200 - Right Hand Shattertine
XE-75201 - Left Hand Shattertine

RK-75200 – Right Hand Shattertine with Hardware
RK-75201 – Left Hand Shattertine with Hardware

AK-75200 – Box of 12 RH Shattertines with Hardware
AK-75201 – Box of 12 LH Shattertines with Hardware

7” Shattertine available upon request.


Aerway Shtterline Specs