BBI Liberty Mechanical Fertilizer Spreader


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10-foot Tandem-axle Mechanical Pull-type Spreader
Liberty is our heritage line of mechanical, ground-wheel-drive spreaders. Medium capacity for a variety of farming applications, built with the original precision Salford spreader system for targeted distribution of fertilizer and lime. 10 feet long, tandem-axle frame, built tough for rugged terrain.

They called it Liberty, and it did its name justice, setting the precision nutrient applicator sector free of its previous limitations. Gone were the days of just “lettin’ it fly.” With the advent of Liberty, you could really target your fertilizer and lime applications with unprecedented precision with the original Salford spreader system.

Liberty is a mechanical field dynamo, featuring a ground-wheel-drive conveyor. The Liberty fertilizer and lime spreader gets its ample power from PTO or hydraulic-driven spinners, getting the job done on small to mid-sized farms.

Liberty pull-type spreaders are designed to be the toughest, most durable fertilizer and lime spreaders in the market. With BBI's rugged design and construction, you can more efficiently spread your fields, saving you time and money.

At 10 feet, sitting on a tandem-axle frame, Liberty is ready for a variety of medium-capacity nutrient applications. Control your economic destiny and own your yield with Liberty, featuring the original Salford spreader system, now featured on the company’s wider range of hydraulic models.



  • Heavy-duty, high-capacity packages and low-profile units available
  • Standard 16-inch, heavy-duty, stainless steel mesh chain
  • "Inverted V" option for heavy materials such as lime
  • Overhead spinner motors above the chemical, resulting in extended motor life
  • UHMW and stainless steel construction reduce corrosion issues and extend spreader life
  • Payload packages available from 5-9 tons
  • Distribution of granular fertilizer or lime
  • Medium capacity
  • Variety of applications
  • Ground wheel drive conveyor
  • PTO or hydraulic-driven spinners
  • Proprietary BBI spreader system
  • Delivers a wider, flatter, more consistent pattern
  • Dual rack and pinion gate prevents jams
  • One-piece CNC machined comb gives longer chain life


Liberty - 5 - 9 - 14 ton applicator
Profile Type Height Width Capacity
Standard Profile (L BODY) N/A 96" (2.44 m) 210 cu ft (5.95 cu m) struck
Low Profile (H BODY) N/A 96" (2.44 m) 170 cu ft (4.81 cu m) struck
High Profile (B BODY) N/A 96" (2.44 m) 235 cu ft (6.65 cu m) struck