BBI Trooper Mechanical Fleet Spreader


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This durable spreader is engineered and priced for fleet applications. 10 feet long and towable with just about any reasonable vehicle, Trooper Fleet Spreader is ready to spread fertilizer on small and medium-sized farms. Mechanical, ground-wheel-drive design, matched with Salford precision and light footprint from flotation tires.


Trooper is designed and priced for fleet applications. The durability makes it smart choice for rental application and the efficient driving interval will save farmers time. Mechanical, ground-wheel-drive achieves precision on small to medium-sized farms.


10 feet long and easy to operate, Trooper Fleet Spreader is towable with almost any type of vehicle. Flotation tires prevent soil compaction, making this applicator ideal for small to medium-capacity jobs in a variety of settings, from row crops to sod/turf farms.


Even our most economical mechanical model features our original, proprietary spreader system, achieving a consistently wide, flat spread pattern.  Trooper Fleet Spreader is capable of spreading granular fertilizer up to 60 feet with the ground drive package and up to 80 feet with the hydraulic spinner option.  The results—less wasted material, more money in your pocket.


  • Distribution of granular fertilizer

  • Targeted for fleet application

  • Easy to operate

  • Optimized for small to medium-size farm applications

  • Pull with any reasonable towing vehicle

  • Ground wheel drive spinners spread fertilizer at 60 feet vs. traditional designs at 30 feet

  • UHMW and stainless steel construction reduce corrosion issues and extend spreader life

  • Proprietary Salford BBI spreader system

  • Dual rack and pinion gate prevents jams

  • Lowest capital cost spreader offered by Salford BBI

  • Flotation tires minimize soil compaction

  • 170 cu. ft. struck capacity

  • Delivers a wider, flatter, more consistent pattern

  • Ground wheel driven, stainless steel mesh chain



BBI Trooper Specifications


Working Width

Hydraulic - Fertilizer 80 feet

PTO - Fertilizer 60 feet


10 feet

Capacity (struck)

Standard: 170 cubic feet

Optional: 245 cubic feet

Optional: 270 cubic feet

Hopper Material

Standard: Painted 409 stainless steel


Standard: Conveyor Ground Wheel Drive

Standard: Manual Hydraulics to Engage Ground Wheel

Optional: Conveyor & Spinner Ground Wheel Drive

Conveyor Chain

Standard: 8 inches Wide, 304 Stainless Steel Mesh Chain

Spinner Drive

Standard: Ground Wheel Drive Spinners

Optional: 540 RPM Series 6 CV Joint PTO Shaft

Optional: 1000 RPM Series 6 CV 1 3/4 20 Spline

Optional: 1000 RPM Series 6 CV 1 3/8 21 Spline

Optional: Hydraulic Spinners (Plug-to-Tractor) Includes ELIMINATOR Manifold


Standard: Twin 24" Diameter Spinners that are driven by Ground Wheel Drive

Tires & Suspension

Standard: Tandem Axle Ground Wheel Drive,
7,000 lb Axles and 12.5 Tires

Optional: Tandem Axle Ground Wheel Drive Painted 409 stainless steel,
10,000 lb Torsion Axles and 16.5 Tires or 21.5Lx16.1 Tires

Electric Brakes

Standard: No brakes

Optional: Electric Brakes Rear Axle 7,000 lb (Torsion Flex Axles ONLY)

Optional: Electric Brakes Rear Axle 10,000 lb (Torsion Flex Axles ONLY)

Light Package

Standard: None

Optional: Rear Tail Lights with Turn Signal, Side Markers, Wired with Corrosion Resistant Wiring Kit

Tarp Options

Standard: None

Optional: 10 foot Box Type Tar with Bow (vinyl)