Herperger, Achtymichuk, Janzen Head To Manitoba For Ag Days

The winter trade show season is in full gear for Salford Group, and Canadian territory managers Glenn Herperger and Doug Achtymichuk, joined by Valmar’s Jason Janzen, are traveling to Brandon, Manitoba for the province’s annual Ag Days event.

Held annually at Brandon’s Keystone Centre, this year’s Manitoba Ag Days will run from January 19-21. The Manitoba Ag Days show is an agriculture expo, showcasing production expertise, technology, and equipment. The Ag Days event attracts exhibitors and visitors from across Canada and the Northern Plains of the United States.

Herperger and Achtymichuk will be working from the Salford Group booth in location 1636. The two territory sales managers will support the dealer network,  educating producers on the Salford Group story of four product families—Salford, BBI, Valmar, and Aerway—built for soil productivity that makes a difference in the sustainability and profitability of farming operations worldwide.

For this year’s Manitoba Ag Days, Herperger and Achtymichuk will feature a machine that’s central to the company’s mission. Javelin, from the BBI family of precision broadcast applicators, is the first hydraulic spreader on the North American market to achieve a true spread pattern and drive interval of 120 feet. Representing BBI’s Producer Series aimed at large-acreage farming operations, Javelin is optimized for mid-season top-dress applications with special tires to minimize soil compaction.

Featuring the largest capacity of any single-axle spreader on the market, Javelin adjusts from 90 to 120-inch track widths to meet different row spreading needs. Javelin’s design also conforms to controlled-traffic farming needs.

Bolstering the company’s presence at Manitoba Ag Days is Jason Janzen, representing the Valmar line of precision application equipment. From his post in the Western building in booth 1901, Janzen will display a trio of important machines: the recently-launched Airflo 8600 pneumatic boom spreader, the 2455 implement-mount granular applicator, and the 1655 air seeder-mount inoculant applicator.

The Airflo 8600 is a high-capacity, pull-type pneumatic fertilizer spreader. The 8600 boasts immense field-covering capabilities, as it features pneumatic booms available up to 66 feet. Also the largest-ever spreader to emerge from the Valmar Airflo line,  the 8600 combines mammoth hopper capacity with precision metering delivered by a ground-wheel-drive system that adjusts application rate on-the-go, ensuring uniformity of material spread regardless of ground speed.

Janzen will also a 2455 implement-mount granular applicator for both seeding and herbicide/insecticide use. 55 series applicators from Valmar achieve industry-leading precision through ground-wheel drive metering that ensures an accurate application rate, regardless of ground speed.

Finally, the 1665 helps producers to get all of the benefits from in-furrow applied granular inoculants.  The 1665, with eight tower injectors, injects inoculant into air seeder towers for precise placement in seed furrows. The injectors don’t affect tower performance for seed or fertilizer, and the 1665’s vaunted Airflo metering system features individually-metered outlets that allow matching to the numbers of airseed towers.