BBI Prepares for Special 2014 Farm Progress Show

Next week, the team from BBI Spreaders makes another special trip to Boone, Iowa for one of the nation’s largest outdoor gathering of producers in agriculture, the Farm Progress Show.

Richard Hagler, President of BBI Spreaders, will join Director of Sales and Marketing Lee Kilpatrick and multiple members of the company’s sales and marketing team at the annual event taking place August 26-28 at the Farm Progress show grounds in Boone.  Also making the trip are Russell McEver, manager of the company’s after-market parts and electronics sales unit, and territory sales managers Brian Hobson and Dennis McCauley.

Two of BBI’s key dealer partners for the Midwest, Missouri’s Worthington Ag and Spreader Specialties of Austin, Minnesota, will also showcase BBI’s lineup of industry-leading spreaders for broadcast application of fertilizer, lime, and organic materials at Farm Progress, now in its 61st year.  The BBI team will take an unprecedented seven spreaders to Farm Progress. These elite spreaders will represent multiple product families, including the Producer Series, a lineup tailored to the needs of large-acreage farming operations.

Launched at last year’s Farm Progress Show, the Producer Series features a pair of multi-hopper models, MagnaSpread 2 and MagnaSpread 3, unmatched in simultaneous, variable-rate application of multiple nutrients.  MagnaSpread Ultra is the unrivaled workhorse of the Producer Series, featuring the revolutionary continuous duty hydraulics system for delivering load after load without rest.

In a special twist to this year’s Farm Progress Show, BBI Spreaders will announce the launch of the newest addition to the Producer Series.  Visit the BBI booth to see the latest in the company’s innovations in the service of improving farm operators’ bottom line performance through improved efficiency.  The company’s all-new spreader marks a new era in distance and precision, effectively creating a new applicator class of its own.

In addition to the four Producer Series models, BBI will also feature a pair of variations of MagnaSpread, its flagship line of hydraulic spreaders for fertilizer and lime applications, and Endurance, the company’s industry leader in cost-in-use for application of chicken litter, manure, beet lime, and a host of organic materials.

McEver will also offer precision agriculture technology demonstrations from BBI Electronics, including the Task Command System, the company’s proprietary suite launched at the 2013 Farm Progress Show.  The Task Command System, standard issue on all of BBI’s hydraulic models, operates from a painted-screen virtual terminal with auto-steer, guidance, and variable-rate application capabilities.

For more information on the 2014 Farm Progress Show, affectionately known as “the World’s Fair of Ag,” check out the show website at