Dealer Spotlight (Southeast): Mississippi’s H&H Chief

Salford BBI Endurance Litter Spreaders

H&H Chief Sales, an original BBI Spreaders dealer based in central Mississippi, is one of the oldest, most prominent farm equipment dealers in the Magnolia State and southeastern United States.

Located just off the Natchez Trace Parkway in the town of Carthage, H&H Chief has served multiple generations of Mississippi’s cotton and soybean farmers.  The company offers a wide variety of agricultural equipment, including truck bodies, lift gates, cranes, toolboxes, spreaders, conveyors, pumps, flotation tires and rims, and more.

Owned by Lance Sullivan, H&H Chief is a longtime standout in the BBI dealer network, as a stocking partner of multiple lines of pull-type and truck-mounted spreaders.  The company stocks multiple models from the MagnaSpread and Endurance lines, BBI’s hydraulic spreaders optimized for precision agriculture applications for large growers and producer operations. 

Agriculture is king in H&H Chief’s home market of Mississippi, with the state’s number one industry employing nearly 30 percent of the workforce.  According to the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, the state’s 42,300 farms generate billions of dollars from crops like cotton, soybeans, corn, and forestry products.  A little-known fact is that poultry products generate the most revenue in the Magnolia State’s agriculture sector. With nearly $3 billion in annual sales of chickens and eggs, poultry accounting for more than a third of the state’s $7.4 billion ag industry.

With a diversified agriculture sector powered by the poultry industry, the development of chicken litter as fertilizer has been critical to the state and region’s continued success.  A key component of that success has been H&H Chief’s leadership in sales and marketing of the Endurance line of spreaders, a real difference-maker for farm operations. 

With power, precision, and efficiency, the Endurance line of litter spreaders from BBI reduces waste through a wider, flatter spread pattern.  Endurance is option-rich and the team at H&H Chief works with area farmers to customize each model to specific applications and environmental demands, from the Delta to the Hill Country.

For more information on H&H Chief and the Endurance line of hydraulic litter spreaders from BBI Spreaders, visit the dealer’s website at