Equipment Spotlight: Salford Valmar 55 Series

Excelling at Cover Crop Application

Salford's Valmar 55 series line of seeders excel at cover crop application.  The 55 series tools quickly and accurately meter a variety of seed and granular product sizes at a range of rates suited for cover crop seeding.  The 55 Series seeders are best known for their value, versatility, and adaptability.  55 series seeders are routinely set up for seeding with tillage implements, heavy harrows, high clearance sprayers, and a variety of other implements allowing producers to accomplish more work with each pass.

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Salford Group Unveils the Valmar Three Point Mount at National Farm Machinery Show

February 10, 2016 (Salford, ON) – Salford Group, a leading manufacturer of fertilizer application equipment, is unveiling its three point mount for its Valmar 55 series granular applicators for herbicides and cover crops at the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show.

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