Salford Crew Heads To Red Deer For Agri-Trade

As the fall 2015 harvest winds down, the Salford Group team heads to Red Deer, Alberta for one of western Canada’s largest agriculture shows, the Agri-Trade Equipment Expo.

Held annually at Red Deer’s Westerner Park, Agri-Trade 2015 will run from November 11-14. Agri-Trade attracts thousands of producers representing western Canada’s prairies, eager to see equipment and services from every sector of agriculture.  As the 2015 harvest ends, the event is aptly billed as “the right show at the right time in the right location.”

Glenn Herperger, Salford’s territory sales manager for the surrounding area, will lead a team including territory managers and equipment experts Doug Achtymichuk, Jason Janzen, Fraser Hetherington, and Scott Ousdahl. The Salford crew will display Salford tillage equipment and Salford BBI spreaders in Centrium Lower Level Booth CLL0500, and Salford Valmar application equipment will be on display at Centrium Lower Level Booth CLL0610.

From the Salford BBI line of precision broadcast applicators, Herperger and company will showcase MagnaSpread, the industry leader in cost-in-use, a measure of precision and efficiency that drives higher yields, reduced waste, and greater profitability from targeted application of fertilizer and lime.

The hydraulic-powered MagnaSpread is an option-rich line, with a variety of sizes available (from 8-16 feet) for applications ranging from small to mid-sized farms and golf courses all the way to versions optimized for large-acreage farms, featured in the Producer Series. All of the company’s hydraulic models feature next generation precision farming technology as standard equipment with Salford BBI’s Task Command System.  Managed through a painted-screen virtual terminal, the Task Command System features applications for field guidance and variable-rate application of nutrients.

From the Valmar lineup of precision application equipment, Herperger, Janzen, and the team will feature a 3255 implement-mount granular applicator for both seeding and herbicide/insecticide use. 55 series applicators from Valmar achieve industry-leading precision through ground-wheel drive metering that ensures an accurate application rate, regardless of ground speed.

Also featured from the Valmar line is a product launched earlier this year at the nearby Canada’s Farm Progress Show. The Airflo 8600 is a high-capacity, pull-type fertilizer spreader with immense field-covering capabilities, as it features pneumatic booms available up to 60 feet. The 8600, also the largest-ever spreader to emerge from the Valmar Airflo line,  combines mammoth hopper capacity with precision metering delivered by a ground-wheel-drive system that adjusts application rate on-the-go, ensuring uniformity regardless of ground speed.

The Salford Group team is planning for a big show this year, eager to educate producers on the company’s unified lineup of Salford tillage equipment, Salford BBI spreaders, Salford Valmar application equipment, built for soil productivity.

For more information on the 2015 Agri-Trade Equipment Expo, taking place November 11-15 at the Westerner Park in Red Deer, Alberta, visit the show website at