Salford Group Spreads the Love of Farming at Western Farm Show

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Valentine’s Day may have passed, but Salford Group is on its way to the “Heart of Ag”—the Western Farm Show in Kansas City, Missouri.

Billed as the Midwest’s best indoor farm show, the Western Farm Show exhibits the latest in farm and ranch equipment and technologies. The 55th annual edition of the Western Farm Show, running from February 26-28, features more than 500 exhibitors in 400,000 square feet of exhibit space.

Salford Group territory sales manager David Shearer will be on-hand at the show to support area dealers from Missouri, Kansas, and surrounding states. From his post in booths 2701/2807/450, Shearer will be showing some of the latest equipment and innovations from the Salford family of products, made up of the Salford tillage and seeding, BBI precision broadcast spreader, Valmar precision applicator, and AerWay advanced aeration lines.

Making its Western Farm Show debut is the Salford PathFinder, a steerable undercarriage for transporting dry and liquid fertilizer tanks, for strip-till and row crop application. The PathFinder, designed to fit many aftermarket tank types, was created with the Valmar Airflo line of application products in mind.

From the Salford Independent Series, the I-2100 uses the Coil-Tech Coulter II—a heavier coil spring—to carry larger five- bolt hubs and 22-inch blades, increasing Coil-Tech's jackhammer effect and allowing the coil spring to penetrate into tougher ground conditions. The I-2100 employs the heavy frame design used for the rubber suspension Independent Series machines for increased weight per blade and to manage the additional vibration created by this second generation Coil-Tech. True to the Independent series design, this machine is able to cover an acre per hour, per foot. In other words, a 41-foot machine will cover 41 acres per hour.

The I-2100 has been engineered for compatibility with I-Series seeding and fertilizer attachments to allow producers to combine field operations, saving fuel and man hours, and the model on display at the show will feature Salford SwitchBlade shank attachments. These attachments allow for anhydrous application or deeper banding of liquid and dry fertilizers. The shanks can change wear points to convert from fertilizer applicator to a chisel ripper. The shank‘s standard bolt pattern allows you to choose between Salford’s quality parts and most other industry-standard wear parts.

From the Salford Valmar lineup of precision applicators for seed, herbicides, insecticides, and more, the 2455 implement-mount granular applicator can now be equipped with an optional three-point hitch that eliminates the need for complex implement-mount systems, making the 55 series more easily accessible for filling. 55 series applicators from Valmar achieve industry-leading precision through ground-wheel drive metering that ensures an accurate application rate, regardless of ground speed.

Shearer will display multiple models from Salford’s BBI Spreaders group. including a pair of models—at 10 feet and 14 feet—from the flagship BBI MagnaSpread line of hydraulic applicators optimized for fertilizer and lime distribution. MagnaSpread is available in a variety of hopper sizes aimed at serving every environment from small farms and golf courses to large-acreage farming operations. 

The 10-foot model on display at the Western Farm Show is aimed at the small farm/golf course market, while its larger brother, the 14-foot model, is an effective tool for targeted fertilizer and lime distribution on mid-sized to larger farms. Both models arrive in the field standard-equipped the company’s Task Command System, a precision farming technology suite powered by field guidance and variable-rate application tools.

Rounding out the spreader lineup at the Western Farm Show is the BBI Endurance, the industry leader in targeted distribution of heavier material like manure, compost, and litter. Also optimized for precision agriculture, the 18-foot Endurance featuring at the Western Farm Show is designed for heavy duty jobs on large-acreage operations.  Endurance is a can’t-miss piece of equipment at the Western Farm Show, located in the country’s hottest market for poultry litter.

Finally, Shearer will feature a 20-foot vertical tillage machine from the recently acquired AerWay line of advanced aeration equipment. The AerWay family of patented vertical tillage tines are designed to relieve compaction, manage crop residue, and warm the loosened soil for seedbed preparation. The patented tine technology is available in both ShatterTine® and Leaf Tine® profiles.

AerWay vertical tillage is accomplished by the unique lean and twist of the tines designed to move soil laterally, plus lift and fracture soils to 8 inches and deeper. New pathways are created for air and water movement, while maintaining the valuable protective surface residue. With better soil conditions, plants respond with stronger roots and better yields.

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