Salford Heads to the Capital City for Ottawa Valley Farm Show

There’s no rest for the Salford Group team, as Henk Klyn and Fraser Hetherington say goodbye to London and hello to Ottawa for the 89th Ottawa Valley Farm Show.

Held annually at Ottawa’s EY Centre, this year’s event runs from March 8-10.  Celebrating its 89th year, the Ottawa Farm Show serves as the province’s longest-running agricultural trade show.  More than 350 exhibitors come together to make this event one of the longest continuous records in Canada of farmers organizing for farmers, other rural residents, and businesspeople.

Salford Group at Ottawa Valley Farm Show I-4200 tillage equipment

Klyn, territory sales manager for Salford Group, will be joined by fellow sales manager Hetherington in Ottawa, just a week after the pair worked together to educate producers at the Ontario’s London Farm Show. The duo will be on hand in the Salford Group booth 1713, providing support to the dealer network and educating producers from the Ottawa Valley and surrounding areas on the Salford Group family of products built for soil productivity—Salford, BBI, Valmar, and Aerway.

Featuring at this year’s show from the Salford Independent Series for true vertical tillage is the I-4200. The newest addition to the I-Series, the I-4200 is designed to combine the residue mixing capabilities of the I-4100 with the field finish characteristics of the I-1200 or I-2200 (five-inch spaced models). The front two rows of the machine utilize the same rubber cushion concave blade coulters and spacing found on the I-4100. Featured on the rear rows are 50 percent more Coil-Tech II wavy blade coulters with 22-inch, eight-wave blades than on the I- 4100. This results in an overall spacing of five inches throughout the entire machine.

Klyn and Hetherington will also feature a pair of units from the Valmar line of precision applicators, tools used to offer flexibility alongside tillage and other tasks on the farm.  Salford will showcase a Valmar 2455 seeder from the Valmar 55 Series of implement-mount granular applicators.  The 2455, when combined with Salford tillage implement, empowers producers to till and seed on a single pass, saving fuel consumption and time in the field.

Also appearing at the show from Valmar is the 455 Forage Preservative Applicator. The addition of a preservative when harvesting forage is the most important way to preserve its nutrient value and promote optimum palatability for livestock. And when it comes to applying granular preservatives, nothing is more accurate or easy to use than Valmar’s Forage Preservative Applicator. This applicator has been extensively researched and field tested to provide you with the most dependable and efficient means of applying preservatives during forage harvesting.

Finally, the Salford team will exhibit a versatile and effective machine from the AerWay lineup of advanced aeration equipment.  The 12-foot model on display at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show features AerWay’s patented CCT (Close Coupled Tandem), using two overlapping tined rollers, with three tines per row, giving farmers more pockets and fractures per acre. 

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