Salford Team Brings Vertical Tillage, Seeders, and Spreaders to OKC Farm Show

Salford Spreader

The Salford Group team rides to Oklahoma this week for one of the top events on the spring agriculture show circuit for the American southern plains, the Oklahoma City Farm Show.

Started in 2005 as the Southern Plains Farm Show, the Oklahoma City Farm Show takes place annually at the capital city’s State Fair Park. This year’s event runs from April 14-16.  The Salford Group team of territory manager Brian Hobson and US Sales Director Lee Kilpatrick will join Ryan Rogers of Salford dealer Ross Rogers Equipment of Arkansas in booths (T321-T432/TT321-TT333).  The trio will showcase equipment from Salford’s line of vertical tillage equipment, Salford Valmar seeders, and a litter spreader from Salford BBI.

Salford joins over 300 exhibitors featuring over 1000 product lines for three big days at the Oklahoma City Farm Show. Exhibits include the latest offerings from tractor, sprayer, tillage, harvest equipment, cattle management products, and more.  The event will have both indoor and outdoor exhibits, daily horse training seminars, cattle chute demonstrations, cattle grading competitions, and prize drawings.

From the Salford Independent Series lineup of true vertical tillage implements, the team will have on-hand the I-2100.  Utilizing the Coil-Tech Coulter II, a heavier coil spring, the I-2100 carries larger 5-bolt hubs and 22-inch blades, increasing Coil-Tech's “jackhammer effect.” The jackhammer effect allows the coil spring to penetrate into tougher ground conditions with greater efficiency.

The Salford crew will also bring two members of Salford Valmar’s line of precision planting and seeding equipment. The booth will feature a Valmar 2455 seeder from the Valmar 55 Series of implement-mount granular applicators.  The 2455, when combined with Salford tillage implement, empowers producers to till and seed on a single pass, saving fuel consumption and time in the field. 

The Salford Valmar 245 Pull-Type Granular Applicator on display at the OK City Farm Show is designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy under a wide variety of ground conditions. Its rugged construction is sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of commercial use, making it the right choice for a rental fleet, custom applicator, or a farm operation. Moreover, the 245 incorporates a number of innovative features designed to make application of granular materials from seeds to herbicides easier, safer and more precise than ever before.

Also on show in Oklahoma City will be Salford BBI’s flagship line of hydraulic-powered spreaders for targeted distribution of organic material, Endurance. The industry leader in efficiency as defined by cost-in-use, Endurance is an option-rich line designed for a variety of broadcast applications of heavier materials, including poultry litter, livestock manure, and compost.

The Endurance model featured at the Oklahoma City Farm Show by Hobson is an example of Salford BBI’s commitments to precision agriculture and versatility.  The unit is standard-equipped with the company’s Task Command System, a precision ag technology suite featuring field guidance and variable rate application control.  Another standard component is the IC18 ISOBUS System-driven Binary Manifold, making connections to all major precision farming systems a snap.

For more information on the Oklahoma City Farm Show, an emerging can’t miss stop on the spring ag show circuit in the American heartland, visit the show website at