Salford Group Brings Section Control to its Valmar 8600 Boom Applicators

June 15, 2016 (Salford, ON) – Salford Group is proud to announce two new developments in the Salford Valmar 8600 Series pneumatic boom applicators product line: a new 11 ton hopper size and the ability to equip any of the Salford Valmar 8600 series with section control.  The machines will be on display at Canada’s Farm Progress show in Salford’s booth # 5908.

“We’re very excited to bring the 8600 Series to Canada’s Farm Progress Show,” said Geof Gray, CEO of Salford Group. “The engineers of Salford and Valmar have worked seamlessly to create a product that reflects the innovation and craftsmanship found consistently in the Salford and Valmar product lines. The 8611 affirms our commitment to offer a complete line of competitively-priced seeding and granular application equipment to growers and service providers.”

In keeping with the company’s ongoing drive to increase versatility, productivity and durability in all of its equipment, Salford welcomed the addition of the 8-ton 8608 at Canada’s Farm Progress Show, in 2015. New for 2016, is its larger brother, the 11-ton 8611.  However, as an added bonus, Salford is also announcing section control has come to many of Salford’s Valmar boom applicators.

“Section control is not new to Salford equipment,” said Brad Baker, Salford Product Manager.  “A select variety of our Valmar equipment is manually able to be half-shut off and our BBI spinner spreader line has a 15 year history of building models that can spread full swatch or manually turn on and off left and right side for the turf and orchard/vineyard markets.  What makes the new 8600 section control option different, and such an advance, is the ability to dynamically stop in an already applied area through ISObus precision technology.”

Since a prescription map is controlling the left/right sections, the farmer doesn’t need to worry about guessing or remembering when to manually control the spread pattern.  Even more beneficial are the economic and environmental benefits for the farmer.  The section control option is able to turn off either side of the applicator in areas where fertilizer has already been applied, thus reducing wasted application and saving the farmer the cost of the over applied product.  The system also follows boundary maps to eliminate or reduce applying outside of the field or into sensitive areas around the field such as buffer strips and water ways.

 “The economic and environmental benefits of the Valmar section control option go hand in hand,” said Dave King, Salford Director of Sales and Marketing.  “This system allows for vastly improved control of the applicator for a more accurate and environmentally friendlier application at a time when we are becoming more aware of the need to control where our inputs are applied.  At the same time, this system is about saving money, by keeping fertilizer application where it needs to be and not over applying or spreading outside of the field.  It’s about getting the right fertilizer to the right place at the right rate and at the right time.  Our applicators and spreaders are more capable of that than any other built in North America.”

The 8600 series is specifically engineered to provide farmers with increased versatility through 66, 60, 57, and 54 ft. boom widths. Another added feature includes the optional second metering system, available for use with the 37 cubic foot micronutrient hopper. “We offer a row crop tire option on the 8611, as well as adjustable axles or a 750/65 tire for producers that want additional floatation under the machine,” said Baker.

The axle spacing can be adjusted from 72 to 88 in., with the ability to increase to 120 in. (optional), allowing farmers to customize the machine to fit their crop and needs.

What differentiates the Salford Valmar applicators from others in the industry is their ability to maintain accuracy across the entire width of the boom and achieve an even spread pattern, even in windy conditions. 60ft booms can also be equipped with drop tubes on 30 inch spacing, allowing for inter-row application in corn and other row crops.  Fan options include a 1000 rpm PTO driven fan or a hydraulically-driven 17 in. fan which operates at 4700 rpm. Both options feed direct to the stainless steel manifold through a 9 in. outlet.

The 8611 features an 11-ton/357 cubic foot hopper, made of painted 409 stainless steel and can be equipped for the delivery of two products, by adjusting the built-in hopper panel, to create two separate hoppers. This allows the spreading of herbicide, seed or micro-nutrient at the same time as applying fertilizer, with the addition of the optional second metering system. 

With commanding field versatility, the 8611 has a maximum application rate of 1000 lb/ac (Urea) at 8 mph, but can also apply as little as 50 lb/ac at the same speed, with a mechanical drive and the optional half rate kit. The optional second meter can achieve rates as high as 100 lb/acre and as low as 6 lb/acre min (Urea).

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Salford Group is a global leader in the manufacturing of tillage, seeding, and precision nutrient application equipment.  Salford engineers and manufactures highly productive agricultural equipment from its facilities in Iowa, Georgia, Ontario and Manitoba.  Salford is dedicated to improving agricultural productivity and profitability through innovation and advancements in precision, durability, versatility in the field.

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