Salford Group Broadens its Product Portfolio Targeting Ag Retailers


Salford Group, a leading manufacturer of innovative tillage, seeding and fertilizer equipment is launching a series of application tools aimed specifically at ag retailers in North America.

The new products include spinner spreaders that can mount to high clearance sprayer chassis, a rental fleet spec pull-type spinner spreader, and a high capacity pull-type pneumatic boom applicator.

Salford is extending its lineup of MangaSpread chassis mounted spinner spreaders to include models suitable for sprayers, floaters and ag trucks. The built-in technology in these units, including the 120’ driving interval for urea application, along with the flexibility of mounting it on an existing sprayer, make these units desirable for getting large jobs done quickly. The optional section control capabilities offer greater precision and less waste. These price competitive units are the first new chassis mounted options to come from Salford.

Another spinner spreader option, suitable for ag retailers, includes Salford’s BBI Trooper 8 – the perfect fleet spec pull-type spinner spreader. With a commercial grade build and its lower price point, the Trooper 8 is the long-lasting solution for ag retailers looking to expand their pull-type fleet. A driving interval of 80’ for fertilizer (with optional hydraulic spinners) offers a great deal more productivity than a traditional rental grade spreader.

Salford’s most recent addition to its boom applicator lineup, Salford’s Valmar 9620, is the largest capacity pull-type pneumatic boom applicator on the planet. Combined with its precision technology and targeted application options, the 9620 can get large-scale jobs done quicker, with greater precision and less waste.

Salford also offers an array of application tools, designed to allow ag retailers to pursue a competitive niche. In terms of commodity systems for granular fertilizer banding, Salford Group offers three lineups of products, including: the Salford Pathfinder, Salford’s Valmar ST Series, and Salford AC Series Commodity Carts. These product lineups are set to meet the growing demand for custom strip-till application.

The I-Series can combine vertical tillage and residue management with application as a custom service. It can also be combined with commodity systems for granular application. With the addition of switchblade application shanks, the I-Series can band anhydrous, liquid or granular product. With the varying opportunities for usage, and its proven capabilities, the I-Series has a great deal to offer to ag retailers and their customers.

The array of products that Salford has to offer is capable of meeting the growing demand for new products within the ag retailer market. See the Salford Group booth, and its impressive product lineup for yourself at MAGIE in booth 307.

Media Contacts:
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