BBI Dealer Spreader Specialties Hits the Road for Dakotafest

Salford BBI Endurance Truck Mount Litter Spreaders

Spreader Specialties, a key BBI dealer in the Northern Plains region, is hitting the road next week, taking MagnaSpread and Endurance to the 2014 IDEAg Dakotafest show in South Dakota.

Held annually at Schlaffman Farm in the town of Mitchell, Dakotafest is the premier agricultural event in South Dakota.  Dakotafest attracts more than 30,000 attendees each year, linking farm and ranch operators with more than 500 companies exhibiting equipment, technology, and services for the ag sector. Due to its strategic location in South Dakota’s southeastern corner, Dakotafest draws from multiple points across the Northern Plains, including the Dakotas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota.

This year’s event, scheduled for August 19-21, will also feature educational forums, as well as field and livestock demonstrations.

Spreader Specialties, led by owner Mike Olson, is an exclusive dealer of BBI Spreaders, electronics, and replacement parts.  Based in Austin, Minnesota, just south of the Twin Cities, Olson and Spreader Specialties have led the BBI dealer network in introducing innovative products like the BBI Producer Series and the Endurance beet lime spreader to the Northern Plains farming community. During its time as a BBI dealer, Spreader Specialties has served famers in Minnesota, the Dakotas, and northern Iowa.

At Dakotafest, Olson will feature BBI’s flagship hydraulic lines for precision, broadcast application of fertilizer and lime, as well as organic material.  MagnaSpread is the industry leader in cost-in-use, a measure of efficiency and return on investment, for targeted dry material application.  Endurance is BBI’s powerful line of precision application of heavier, wetter material, including chicken litter, manure, and as pioneered in the Dakotas, beet lime, a by-product of the area’s dominance in beet farming.

Both MagnaSpread and Endurance feature the latest precision agriculture technology suite from BBI Electronics, the Task Command System, as standard equipment. The Task Command System operates from a painted screen, virtual terminal with guidance, auto-steer, and variable-rate application capabilities. With each line also featuring BBI’s proprietary Binary Manifold, connections to all precision farming technology suites are a few simple snaps away.

“We are thrilled to see Mike Olson and Spreader Specialties promote BBI’s MagnaSpread and Endurance lines at Dakotafest once again,” stated Lee Kilpatrick, Director of Sales and Marketing at BBI Spreaders.  “Spreader Specialties has introduced our most sophisticated lines—featuring greatest return on a farmer’s investment—to a highly intelligent group of farm operators in the Northern Plains region.  This area of the country remains critical to feeding our nation and the world around us, and area farmers deserve to bring the best equipment to their fields—equipment that maximizes precision and yield while drastically reducing fuel and material waste, as well as time spent on applications.”

To learn more about the 2014 IDEAg Dakotafest, visit the show website at  Visit Spreader Specialties to view new and used BBI inventory at